Illustration: Jenny Chen


a garland for patty by Chelsey Campbell (Laser-engraved Moriki Kozo, Oguni Kakishibugami, and Chiri Kozo tissue on heritage washi paper) 2022

a garland for patty
Chelsey Campbell

Manjas as Mobility Aids by Harmeet Rehal (black milk crates, old saris and dupattas, rope) 2023

Manjas as Mobility Aids
Harmeet Rehal

nadyes _ you come back by Logan MacDonald (Installation) 2022-ongoing

nadyes/you come back
Logan MacDonald

Used Pillowcases and Used Medical Supplies

Pillow Fight
Alex Dolores Salerno

m. patchwork monoceros - waiting in line at the corvid cafe (draft)

In Praise of Voice Notes and Penguin Pebbling (part of Mourning Microcosmmutes)
m. patchwork monoceros



Indebted to the words and thinking of disability justice educator Mia Mingus, wherever you are is where i want to be offers access intimacy as the un-structuring logic for our collective queer and trans crip futures. Refusing the loudly eugenicist mapping of isolation and disposability upon our disabled queer-trans-crip bodyminds, the multi-disciplinary practices platformed here speak with a loved urgency to the ways in which embodied experiences of access intimacy have the capacity to reconfigure time, space, and relation. Spanning installation to textile to video, the work of these artists proposes the act, experience, and feeling of crip kinship as a means and model of radical future-making.


SarahTai Black (they/them) is an arts curator and critic born and (mostly) raised in Treaty 13 Territory/Toronto whose work aims to center Black, queer, trans, and crip futurities and freedom work. Their curatorial work has been staged at Cambridge Art Galleries (Cambridge, ON), Dunlop Art Gallery (Regina, SK), MOCA (Toronto ON), PAVED Arts (Saskatoon, SK), and A Space Gallery (Toronto, ON).



Black and white line drawings of multiple linked fish swimming above waves of black lines.

Jenny Chen

Multitude of Fish – Ascension Tales is an animation that tells the story of fish ascending into the heavens, symbolizing spirits being uplifted. This animation was created by hand drawing each frame. The images were derived from the artist’s mental wellness journey, specifically the healing of past trauma and depression.

For the past few years, Jenny Chen has worked with the recurring image of water and fish to symbolize the flow of energy. This larger body of work titled, Multitude of Fish, exists in mediums such as drawing, painting, clay sculptures, installation and animation. The fish moves organically through its surrounding space, leading the viewer on different journeys. These spaces are reminiscent of the inner realm while taking inspiration from outer landscapes.

Jenny Chen is a visual artist living in Toronto. She makes art to process the world around her while raising questions about existentialism and spirituality. Her work uses symbols to create mystical environments inspiring viewers to wonder about life beyond the material world. She graduated from OCAD University with a major in Drawing and Painting and a minor in Illustration. Since then, Jenny has worked mainly in watercolour, pen and clay. Her exhibition history includes the Small Arms Inspections Building, Toronto Media Arts Centre and Living Arts Centre. She has received grants for her work from the Ontario Arts Council.

Artist website:

Keywords: Anxiety | BIPOC Experience | Community| Trauma

#RWMFest #MoreThanRebellion

This year, the exhibition in the Rendezvous With Madness Festival will be presented in-person throughout the festival from October 27 to November 6.


The exhibition is held at Workman Arts Offsite Gallery, Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw Street, Unit 302, Toronto. 



October 27 to November 6, 12 – 6 PM.



October 29, 1-4 PM, Talk at 2:30 PM

After the opening reception, engage with the artists of kind renderings as they delve into their work and  practice.


Please join us for a guided tour on Thursday, November 3 at 5 PM 


If in-person access is a barrier, please contact Raine Laurent-Eugene at


Visit the Accessibility page for further festival information and wayfinding.

In person screening — Saturday, October 29th at 7 PM
Camh Auditorium 
1025 Queen Street West, Toronto

Streaming across Canada October 27th to November 6th

Lina Rodriguez | 2022 | Canada | 68 minutes | Spanish with English subtitles

On October 27th at Rendezvous With Madness enjoy an in person screening of the film Mis Dos Voces / My Two Voices directed by Colombian/Canadian filmmaker Lina Rodriguez. Post-film talk moderated by Tamara Toledo

 In My Two Voices, Canadian director Lina Rodriguez paints a lyrical and truly unique portrait of what it means to be an immigrant and how this can affect one’s sense of self. Shot with luminous 16mm film, the documentary introduces audiences to three Latina women who gradually reveal their individual migration stories, discuss the inherent challenges in starting afresh in a new country and explore how those difficult experiences have shaped their lives. Though their origins differ greatly, all three have faced similar struggles with language and belonging as they attempt to balance their present with complicated memories of the past. Rodriguez allows the identities of these women to remain concealed throughout and, instead, useså their voices to shift perspectives and reframe their emotional journeys of self-discovery and understanding. My Two Voices is a thoughtfully constructed cinematic ode to resilience in the face of trauma and perseverance in the face of seismic upheaval.

Tamara Toledo is a Chilean-born Toronto-based curator, scholar, writer, and artist. For over a decade, Toledo has curated numerous exhibitions offering spaces, platforms and opportunities to Latin American and diasporic artists. 

 Screening with Under The Full Moon  | Lynn Dana Wilton | 2022 | Canada | 1 minute | silent 
When anxiety affects g your ability to sleep it can be difficult to tell what is real and what is a dream. A short film animated with vine charcoal.

For accessibility Mis Dos Voces / My Two Voices and Under the Full Moon are also available online via Workman Arts & Cinesend from October 27th to November 6th, 2022 

Keywords: Resilience | Immigration | Women’s Issues
Genre: Documentary (Feature) Animation (short)
#RWMFEST #MoreThanRebellion

kind renderings

kind renderings

RWM 2022 Kind Renderings


Kindness is not an act of weakness. It is an act that resists societal expectations of doing and saying nothing. This form of rebellion is evident in this year’s Rendezvous With Madness visual art exhibition whereby the six exhibiting artists address within their work personal experiences that challenge what mental health and wellness looks like. Action is apparent through frameworks of compassion, thought-provoking imagery and considerate storytelling.


A photograph of the back of a head with bantu knots.

Stéphane Alexis

An inverted photo with black background and white swirls of hairs

Twinkle Banerjee

Pink cream background with four fem presenting people at the bottom of the page. All four have an image of a naked human running on a hamster wheel. The four figures are looking tired, on their devices and pensive.


Black and white line drawings of multiple linked fish swimming above waves of black lines.

Jenny Chen

Charcoal drawings of curled bodies surounded by words.

Jessica Field

Painted portrait of a park parking lot with a bright light in the blue sky and an ice cream truck with an adult and child waiting for their treats.

Wen Tong

This year, the exhibition in the Rendezvous With Madness Festival will be presented in-person throughout the festival from October 27 to November 6.


Workman Arts Offsite Gallery, Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw Street, Unit 302, Toronto 



October 27 to November 6, 12 – 6 PM



October 29, 1-4 PM, Talk at 2:30 PM

After the opening reception, engage with the artists of kind renderings as they delve into their work and  practice.


Please join us for a guided tour on Thursday, November 3 at 5 PM 


If in-person access is a barrier, please contact Raine Laurent-Eugene at


Visit the Accessibility page for further festival information and wayfinding.



Sylvia Frey, Visual Artist, Toronto

Sylvia Frey is a Mad, Queer, BIPOC Visual Artist based in Toronto.  Her artwork explores the intersection of Madness, Healing, and Art.  She is an interdisciplinary artist, working in the mediums of painting, drawing, writing, and performance.  Most currently, she has started to explore film and photography.  Her artwork can be found in various private collections in North America and Europe.


Esmond Lee, Visual Artist, Researcher, and Architect, Toronto

Esmond Lee is an artist, researcher, and architect based in Scarborough. Lee explores long-term, intergenerational experiences of migration in peripheral spaces. He holds a Master of Architecture and is pursuing a Doctorate in Critical Human Geography. Lee draws from these seemingly diverging backgrounds to examine identity, belonging, and nuanced cultural and political borders in the built environment. Recent works include installations for Nuit Blanche Toronto, developed during his time as the Doris McCarthy Artist-in-Residence, and at Malvern Town Centre for CONTACT Photography Festival. Lee’s current projects include two photobooks: ‘Below the City’, recognized by the Burtynsky Grant, and one for Woodside Square Library as the TPL Artist-in-Residence. 


Laura Shintani, Visual Artist, Toronto

Laura Shintani is a multimedia multidisciplinary artist who’s curiosity leans into learning, leadership and making friends with the interior monologue of the mind. Having a Japanese-Canadian ancestry, she directs themselves to create work that re-connects a disconnected past to the present. She lives with and embraces neurodiversity.

Her work has been shown at the Royal Ontario Museum, Campbell House Museum, Tangled Arts + Disability and Workman Arts. She helps to facilitate CAMH’s client “Art Cart” through Workman Arts and has received grants from and has been on juries for the Ontario Arts Council. Her most recent skill is trying her hand at taiko drumming!



Man making "shush" gesture to bird

Dani Crosby

This body of work titled Coal Mines and Tree Tops follows the main character, a canary through different scenarios meant to represent an autistic experience. These images represent the experiences of the artist, Dani. However, they are meant to be related to by anyone who finds a connection to the work. This body of work discusses Dani’s personal experiences as an autistic person. Dani chose the canary as a visual metaphor for strength, sensitivity, vulnerability, and perceived expendability. Each piece explores a different experience and their creation has helped Dani process these experiences, some for the first time. In this series, Dani visually discusses subject matter such as: positive connection, strengths, relationships, abuse, sensory management and overwhelm, vulnerability to predatory individuals, coping mechanisms, the weight of masking and more.

“I decided to create this work about my experiences because I finally feel safe to do so. I feel it is time to remember out loud, to create visual evidence of past and present challenges and joys associated with my identity. I feel it is time to start sharing my experiences with others. This is a first step in what I hope will be an ongoing discussion in my work. This work serves to benefit me therapeutically and also possibly provide others with understanding and a sense of compassion between myself and those who have had similar experiences.” -Dani Crosby

Dani Crosby is an artist, illustrator, arts educator and community collaborator working and living in central Oshawa. Art has become many things for Dani – a service they offer and an experience to share in academic settings. But before any of these things it serves as a place to put the parts of themselves that have nowhere else to go. Dani recognizes how lucky they are to have this outlet. Dani has been making art since childhood and has never stopped. They began showing, creating illustrations, and teaching visual arts in 2004 and continue to this day.


Keywords: Alcoholism | Anxiety | Depression | Trauma

Sun, Oct 31, 1 PM ET

Note: The link to the virtual panel is accompanied with the film ticket to “Autistic Reels: Reclaiming Our Stories”.
All films are PWYW




Oct 29 – Nov 7 available across Canada

Tues, Nov 2, 8 PM ET


ASL and Open Captions

Haiena / 2020 / Japanese with English subtitles / Japan / 63 mins / North American Premiere

Winner of the Cinema Fan Award at the 2020 PIA Film Festival at the National Film Archive of Japan, Luginsky is an incredibly unique animated film replete with early and modern computer graphics, still photography and a collage of cut-outs, which are dizzyingly utilized to maximum effect to tell a story which seems as delirious as the protagonist. The main character of the film is named Deerman, whose head is a deer and who recently endured an accident resulting in chronic hallucinations. Deerman has recently lost his job, and in a series of events that led him to become reliant on alcohol, frequently is beaten up as a result of his drunken behaviours. His addiction takes an even worse turn when he stumbles upon a panther-barmanpriest who creates a forbidden cocktail for Deerman designed by an ex-boxer named Luginsky that alters his life even further with so-called reality and fantasy dancing in unprecedented ways. A most unique film of fantastical visions you won’t soon forget.

Please join film artist Haiena for a virtual Q&A to discuss his experience creating the unique
animated reality of Luginsky. The discussion will be moderated by animator animator Jeff Chiba
Stearns with Japanese to English interpretation, ASL interpretation and captioning.


Keywords: Addictions | Alcoholism | Animation | Class | Surrealism

The Unseen / Kaghaz-Pareh Ha

The Unseen / Kaghaz-Pareh Ha

كاغذ پاره ها

  • Available to stream online: Fri, Oct 23, 7:00pm to Sun, Oct 25, 7:00pm
  • اکران آنلاین: جمعه، ۲۳ اکتبر، ساعت ۱۹۰۰ تا یکشنبه، ۲۵ اکتبر، ساعت ۱۹۰۰
  • Virtual panel/Q&A: Sun, Oct 25, 7:00pm
  • گفتگوی آنلاین/ جلسه پرسش و پاسخ: یکشنبه، ۲۵ اکتبر، ساعت ۱۹۰۰

Streaming of this film is only available to viewers in Canada. Virtual Q&A is available worldwide.

اکران آنلاین این فیلم فقط برای ساکنین کانادا ممکن می باشد. جلسه ی پرسش و پاسخ مجازی برای همگان قابل دسترسی است.

Behzad Nalbandi / 2019 / Farsi with English subtitles / Iran / 62 min / North American Premiere

بهزاد نعلبندی / ۲۰۱۹ / فارسی با زیرنویس انگلیسی / ایران / دقیقه / نخستین اکران آمریکای شمالی


In preparation for visits from foreign dignitaries, the authorities in Tehran clear the streets of homeless people, sex workers and drug users. Those who get picked up are taken to special detention centers outside the city. Stripped of their rights, dignity and freedom, the authorities hold them there until the outside world’s eyes are directed elsewhere. Then the men are released to go back out onto the streets. But the women are not: instead, they become official state prisoners for life. First time feature film Director Behzad Nalbandi found ways around the official channels and gained access to one of the women’s prisons, where he used a sound recorder to document the harrowing stories of its inmates. Utilizing original stop-motion animation to illustrate the accounts of violence, humiliation, poverty and addiction, as well as the Director’s own impressions of the bleak detention center. Such inventive animation allows Nalbandi to offer these “invisible” women a platform without exposing their identity. What this powerful five-years-in-the-making documentary does reveal is the grim reality concerning the position of women in Iranian society—and these women in particular.

برای بازدید های مقامات عالی رتبه خارجی، مسئولان شهرداری تهران خیابان های شهر را از بی خانمان، کارگران جنسی و معتادان پاکسازی و بازداشت شدگان را به مکانی خارج از شهر انتقال می دهند. محروم از حقوق، عزت و آزادی خود مسئولین آنها را در این اماکن نگه می دارند تا زمانی که دنیای بیرون توجهش معطوف چیز دیگری شود. سپس، مردان آزاد می شوند اما زنان می مانند و تبدیل به زندانیان حکومت برای طول عمرشان می شوند. بهزاد نعلبندی با اولین فیلم بلند خود، به یکی از این زندان های زنان دسترسی پیدا کرده و با استفاده از دستگاه ضبط صدا داستان های دلخراش زندانیان را مستند کرده است. با به کارگیری خلاقانه از تکنیک استاپ موشن، این مستندانیمیشن وضعیت خشونت، تحقیر، فقر و اعتیاد را در این اماکن به تصویر می کشد. فیلم‌ساز با انتخاب نوآورانه متریال و تکنیک متناسب با موضوع فیلم، فضایی را برای حضور این زناننامرئی، بدون فاش شدن هویت شان فراهم می کند. این فیلم مستند تاثیر گذار که تولید آن ۵ سال طول کشیده است موقعیت ظالمانه و تلخ زنان را در جامعه ایران و بخصوص این زنان زندانی را نمایان می کند.


ASL Interpreted, Open Captions, Active Listener

An Active Listener will be available Sun, Oct 25 from 7-9pm to support this program.
Your active listener for this program is Kat.
You can connect with Kat by phone (talk or text) at (647) 474-2338 or by email at

Intercultural Iranian Canadian Resource Centre


Following the screening of The Unseen, join us for a virtual panel with graphic artist and documentary filmmaker Behzad Nalbandi to discuss the addiction crisis in Tehran and the harsh realities of the city’s homeless population. Moderated by representatives from the Intercultural Iranian Canadian Resource Centre.

:در گفتگو همراه شوید

بعد از اتمام اکران فیلم، با ما و هنرمند گرافیست و فیلمساز بهزاد نعلبندی همراه شوید تا بیشتر درباره ی بحران اعتیاد در تهران و واقعیت های سخت جمعیت بی خانمان های شهر بحث و گفتگو کنیماین جلسه مجازی توسط نمایندگانی از مرکز فرهنگ ایرانیکانادایی (Intercultural Iranian Canadian Resource Centre) مدیریت می شود