Workman Arts Satellite East

Workman Arts Satellite East – A partnership with Workman Arts and East End Arts

Thanks to a $1 million investment over four years from the Slaight Family Foundation, Workman Arts is expanding its art training programs throughout the GTA by partnering with Scarborough Arts, Urban Arts, North York Arts, East End Arts, Arts Etobicoke and Lakeshore Arts. The expanded program tackles the prevalence of social isolation in individuals with mental health issues and the lack of opportunities to build lasting social connections through meaningful engagement outside of the mainstream mental health system. Workman Arts’ art training programs are unique in the mental health sector because they do not treat the art class as secondary to the mental health benefits. High-quality art classes across all disciplines are facilitated by instructors with lived experience of mental health and/or addiction issues.

Workman Arts Satellite East- A partnership with Workman Arts and East End Arts is specifically looking to add programming in East Toronto. This includes Courses will begin in October 2021 and run until March 2022.

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Art Training Program Manager
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Cameras and Creativity – In-person

Cameras and Creativity is an in-person course happening with Workman Arts and East End Arts part of Workman Arts Satellite East Programming. Registration will be open until September 1, 2022, at which point accepted registrants will be contacted. Please note there is a limit on participants. 

Dates: Fridays, September 16, 23, 30 & October 7, 14

Time: 10-11:30 AM

Location: In-Person at East End Community Health Centre (1619 Queen St E)

Who is this course for: Members of East End Community Health Centre, East End residents. All indigenous peoples from Turtle Island welcome.

Instructor: Diana Nazareth

As a photography educator, mentor, and workshop facilitator my programs are informed by an extensive study of Therapeutic Photography, Mindful Photography PhotoVoice and Visual Thinking Strategies; key progressive participatory methods that use photography as a catalyst for self-expression, critical thinking, creativity, and community engagement. I have facilitated workshops to over 1000 participants of all ages. One of my objectives as a photography educator is to introduce and foster the photographic skills participants can use to express and share, in new ways, their personal narratives.

Diana Nazareth Linkedin

Class Description:

This 5-session photography program will engage with 10 participants on photo walks designed to explore a particular theme and to provide participants with hours of social interaction, discussion, creativity and self-expression. Participants will brainstorm on a theme they wish to represent with photographs and words. The program will be facilitated by photography educator Diana Nazareth but content will be decided by the participants at the onset of the program. Participants will be led in mindful photography techniques and exercises designed to foster discussion, collaboration, and individual viewpoints. The program will culminate in a virtual exhibit showcasing the participants photographs, contributions, and involvement.

Materials will be provided at the first class. Cameras are available if needed.

Indigeneity Creativity – Online

Indigeneity Creativitis an online course happening with Workman Arts and East End Arts part of Workman Arts Satellite East Programming. Registration will be open until September 1, 2022, at which point accepted registrants will be contacted. Please note there is a limit on participants. 

Dates: Wednesdays September 14, 21, 28 & October 5, 12, 19

Time: 6-8 PM

Location: Online, Zoom

Who is this course for:  East End residents; All adults are welcome and especially those that love nature and / or want to experience an Indigenous approach to nature and to creating and LGBTQ2S+ and the Global Majority (aka BIPOC) folx. All indigenous peoples from Turtle Island welcome.

Instructor: Heather Clear Wind

Heather Clear Wind is a Two Spirit, Nehiyaw Cree, Métis, Celtic, Published Poet, Writer,

Transdisciplinary Artist, Musician and more. She is an intergenerational Indian Residential School survivor who is gender fluid, amazingly-abled and neurodiverse. Her soul purpose on the planet is helping people considering seven generations forward. Her self-expression in art, poetry, music, sound and ceremony seeks to reconnect people to nature and the elements and to what an amazing support they are. They are her wahkohtowin ᐊᐧᐦᑯᐦᑐᐃᐧᐣ (community) and are what helped her survive through the negative impacts of colonization, when humans failed her. In some of her creations she strives to raise awareness about Indigenous issues and the true history of Canada, as she feels we can’t heal from what we don’t know.

She feels an urgency to move her visual art to digital to capture the essence of nature and the elements, before it’s too late. She wants to indigenize digital and in so doing, positively influence AI (microcosm – macrocosm) so it evolves safe-guarding life and the planet vs. the current capitalistic based AI that’s destroying the planet. She chooses to host gatherings online with the camera off for safety reasons, as an act of decolonization, and as it helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Class Description:

Heather will provide us with an Indigenous approach to creating.

This is an organic unfolding we’ll share together with mindfulness, experiencing and appreciating nature as a part of the creation process that can help to inform/inspire our creations versus the western model that’s focused on producing an end-product. You’ll experience a guided nature meditation where Heather will share Indigenous teachings based on her amazing experiences with nature and the elements raising awareness to the beautiful connections we all have to them, and what a great support and foundation this can be for our self-care and artistic practice.

Be inspired by connecting with other creatives in community sharing your creations and experiences with nature. This approach can help with feeling more connected, a sense of community, a greater understanding of how supported we are every day, and to an overall sense of well-being. Heather provides classes off-webcam for safety as she doesn’t share her identity online (due to her childhood abuse past) but you’re welcome to be on/off camera as preferred.

Materials Required: Device with internet access, and you’re welcome to bring whatever materials you want to bring to class to create in whatever medium you want to. (please contact Jules if you need materials)

Prompts will be provided for participants that want/need them, otherwise you can create what you feel moved to create as everything is optional.

Beautiful Realistic Crepe Paper FlowersIn-person

Beautiful Realistic Crepe Paper Flowers is an in-person course happening with Workman Arts and East End Arts part of Workman Arts Satellite East Programming. Registration will be open until September 1, 2022, at which point accepted registrants will be contacted. Please note there is a limit on participants. 

Dates: Sundays, September 11, 18, 25 & October 2, 9

Time: 1-4 PM

Location: In-person, St. Matthews Club House (450 Broadview Ave)

Who is this course for:  East End residents 16+; all indigenous peoples from Turtle Island welcome.

Instructor: Nancy Lalicon

Just before the global COVID pandemic Nancy Lalicon began making paper flowers for an International Women’s Day event and since then has continued to self-teach and enjoy the challenge of replicating real flowers. She has an infectious enthusiasm for this paper craft and has shared it through workshops with students at Riverdale Collegiate, seniors at Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre, and children at the Imagine In The Park Festival in Hamilton. Nancy Lalicon is a first generation Filipino-Canadian Visual Artist who received her MFA from Concordia University, and studied at Emily Carr College of Art and University of Victoria. She also studied Predictive Data Analytics at the Toronto Metropolitan University. She has exhibited in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, most recently in Oakville at the Queen Elizabeth Community and Culture Center. She splits her time between working as a data analyst, continuing her art practice and living in East York with her family. You can view her work on Instagram @nancy_lalicon_artist

Class Description:

Come join Nancy Lalicon for 5 sessions to create Beautiful Realistic Crepe Paper Flowers. Together participants will learn the art of creating realistic paper flowers using the sculptural qualities of Italian Crepe Paper. We start with an introduction to the basics by making simple flowers and leaves then build on the foundation from there. We will also learn to apply alcohol inks, dry pastels and other colour mediums to enhance the flowers for more realistic effects. By the end of the course participants will make flowers and foliage to form a beautiful bouquet to take home. During the course we will learn techniques to create stamens and buds, how to stretch and shape crepe paper for the petals and leaves and how to make branches. We will look at resources from web searches and botanical books to see how each flower is made. Participants are encouraged to photograph or sketch the flowers in their neighborhoods and bring them into the class to share with others. After the first session the group will be encouraged to decide which flowers to make. She will also provide resources for materials, paper flower making books and online tutorials. Participants are asked to bring their own sharp scissors. All materials and additional tools will be provided. No experience necessary and all skill levels are welcome!

Zines for Cheap: Art You Can Hold

Zines for Cheap: Art You Can Hold is an online course happening with Workman Arts and East End Arts part of Workman Arts Satellite East Programming. Registration will be open until September 1, 2022, at which point accepted registrants will be contacted. Please note there is a limit on participants. 

Dates: Fridays September, 16, 23, 30, & October 7, 14, 21

Time: 6-8 PM

Location: Online, Zoom

Who is this course for:  East End residents; Ages 14-29, activists, community builders, hobbyists or
anyone interested in creating art for themselves or to share with friends, but not in school for art or a professional artist. All indigenous peoples from Turtle Island welcome.

Instructor: Iz Leitch

Iz Leitch (he/they) is a Queer, Trans, Disabled, South East Asian and White East Ender. Iz was a Peer Educator for the Asian Community Aids Service, where they facilitated several workshops, as well as educating people about Aids and other services in the city of Toronto. Iz loves creating art that speaks to their experiences, including zines such as “I Can’t Love You Anymore”, “The Absolute Destruction of Self” and “Rad Shoe Collection”. He believes every experience, big and small, can be made into art.

@izdoeszines on instagram

Class Description:

For this course, we will cover five different ways of creating zines, a form of Do-It-Yourself at-home publishing. We will look at different ways of creating art that is both meaningful and accessible to people in terms of money, time and effort. We will look at making zines with what we have lying around, what materials can be easily sourced from the dollar store or other available retailers, and work through different tips and tricks to bypass the early disappointments of starting with art without a lot of previous experience. We will draw, doodle, scribble, collage, use stickers and stencils, and plenty of other easily available materials to level the skill barrier to beginning to create art for one’s self and art to share ideas.

*Materials will be provided