Workman Arts Satellite East

Workman Arts Satellite East – A partnership with Workman Arts and East End Arts

Thanks to a $1 million investment over four years from the Slaight Family Foundation, Workman Arts is expanding its art training programs throughout the GTA by partnering with Scarborough Arts, Urban Arts, North York Arts, East End Arts, Arts Etobicoke and Lakeshore Arts. The expanded program tackles the prevalence of social isolation in individuals with mental health issues and the lack of opportunities to build lasting social connections through meaningful engagement outside of the mainstream mental health system. Workman Arts’ art training programs are unique in the mental health sector because they do not treat the art class as secondary to the mental health benefits. High-quality art classes across all disciplines are facilitated by instructors with lived experience of mental health and/or addiction issues.

Workman Arts Satellite East- A partnership with Workman Arts and East End Arts is specifically looking to add programming in East Toronto. This includes Courses will begin in October 2021 and run until March 2022.

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Drawing and Mixed Media/Intuitive Art Workshop

Join East End Arts & Workman Arts for a new Satellite East Arts Workshop: ‘Drawing and Mixed Media/Intuitive Art Workshop’, led by Kyla Yager (@artby.kylay).

Registration is open until October 17th, 2023!

This course series will give participants the opportunity to learn to “let go” of perfectionism when creating art. By utilizing the subconscious and experimentation of the medium, we will create original works of art that focus on process rather than product. This course will run for 9 weeks, but it wouldn’t matter if a participant missed a session, as each class is uniquely it’s own. We will be learning about neurographic line drawings, utilizing repetition and pattern, cutting up and recreating drawings, finding inspiration from shapes to create original characters, and so much more. The goal is to get inspired by the medium, our lines, and each other to create not only immersive art, but cultivate a supportive art community.

The course is called “My safe place”. I am planning to instruct the participants to simply draw a dreamy and imaginary house of their choice on a wooden panel, like a small canvas size. This house is the representation of their mind and soul. The house is their safe place for their thoughts and feelings. I will have some house sketches if the participants choose to follow my lead to sketch. They are going to colour the house with acrylic paint. And later they can add some patterns on the house with the use of markers. I encourage the participants to use vibrant and positive colours to help them create some happy artwork that they can use as a reminder to stay positive. 

Dates: Wednesdays from October 18th to December 13th, 2023

Time: 7:00-8:00PM

Location: St. Matthew’s Clubhouse, 450 Broadview Ave.

Questions? Contact Cynella Cyril at

Writing Wild Workshop

Join East End Arts & Workman Arts for a new Satellite East Arts Workshop: ‘Writing Wild Workshop’, led by Nadja Lubiw-Hazard!

Registration is until October 18th, 2023!

This workshop is designed for people (youth and adults) who are curious, passionate, or excited about animals and want to discover how to write about them in authentic and powerful ways. 

“Let my words be bright with animals,” says poet and storyteller Joseph Bruchac. Yes, let out words be bright with animals, with their radiant scales and iridescent feathers, their glittering eyes shining in the darkness, their cleverness and consciousness. To capture other species and our encounters with them in our writing requires authenticity. Often our knowledge about an animal species comes from story, not direct experience. Can we dive deeper into what the lives of animals are really like? Can we put aside the assumptions, myths and misconceptions about animals and write about them with faithfulness to their true nature? 

In this workshop, writer and veterinarian Nadja Lubiw-Hazard will lead a group of writers in exploring how writers have portrayed animals in poetry, fiction, and essays, and learn how we can do the same. We’ll bring the details of animals to the page, drawing inspiration from their bodies and their behaviours, using fiction and field guides to feed our imagination and prompt our group writing. 

Dates: Thursdays October 19th to December 7th, 2023

Time:  6:00-7:30pm

Location: Online through Zoom

Questions? Contact Cynella Cyril at