Members Advisory Committee (MAC)

The Members Advisory Committee is a select group of twelve (12) active Workman Artists representing the diversity of the Workman Arts Membership (in terms of the WA membership, arts discipline, ways of participating in Workman Arts programs, age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and all other groups outlined in the inclusivity and anti-oppression policies at Workman Arts).

The group meets five (6) times per year to discuss and contribute to the strategic planning and development of WA and its Membership. Members of the committee represent the perspectives of the Workman Arts Membership, based on their own experience, as well as their knowledge of interests and concerns of the broader Membership. The committee is consulted on issues identified by Workman Arts members, staff, Board of Directors, collaborators and/or audience members.

Member Advisory Committee Members:

Raj Bharaj
Vivek Mehmi
Apanaki Tematoya
Paula John
James Buffin
Rick Miller
Lorene Stanwick
Gabe Gonçalves
Angela Sun
Claudette Abrams

Are you WA Member and interested in joining the MAC? Please check out our Opportunities page for MAC openings:

Membership and Community Arts Programs Senior Manager
416 583 4339 ext. 9

Members Communication Committee (MCC)

The Members Communication Committee (MCC) is a subsidiary committee of the MAC, which invites feedback from Workman Arts members. The MCC have created a simple form where members can submit – anonymously if they like – questions, comments, concerns, and/or positive feedback. Is there an issue you’d like to see addressed? Would you like to share a positive experience? The MCC is a group of members whose job is to advocate for members at the leadership level by sharing member’s experience with the MAC, WA Staff and if needed the Board of Directors.

*Please note that the purpose of the MCC is to be an ear for the members, in order to understand what is important to the membership and then to relay that information where it is appropriate. The MCC does not have the authority to make any decisions, but as peers to the membership –their role is to further foster the communicative relationship between staff, board and the membership.

  • Members can submit feedback to the MCC at any time using the online form.
  • The form can be found in the WA Member Newsletter and the Membership Facebook
  • The form is monitored solely by the MCC, and your feedback can remain anonymous if you wish.
  • A portion of every MAC meeting is devoted to discussing member feedback. It will be passed on to relevant WA staff, as well, when necessary, taken to the WA Board of Directors. 
  • Form follow-up includes: A MCC member responding directly with members, staff members following up directly with members in instances where this is appropriate; as well as MCC members sharing pertinent information directly to the membership through the Membership Facebook Page and Newsletter.

Member Communications Committee Members:

  • Lorene Stanwick
  • Paula John
  • Anja Sagan