Update regarding membership applications, January 2022

Membership applications will re-open in April 2022. Please check back then. Thank you.

We appreciate your patience while we allow for space to become available at Workman Arts. In the meantime, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to receive news and updates.

If you are an artist who has received mental health and/or addiction services and you’re interested in our programs, consider applying for membership. We are always interested in connecting with artists and adding new perspectives and talents to the Workman Arts community.

Benefits of membership include:

Member artists arrive at Workman Arts with varying levels of experience ranging from emerging to professional artists. Workman Arts is best suited to artists that have an existing art practice and goals to further develop, professionalize and share their practice.  Workman Arts offers training programs in Media, Literary, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts delivered by artists and working arts professionals. Members also receive access to studio space, onsite gear and equipment, exhibition opportunities and professional support. These programs support members to reach their potential by honing their artistic skills and practice. All programs are free of charge to members.

Applications are accepted between September and April for the following training season (ie. Applications will be accepted between September 2019 and April 2020 for Training Memberships starting in the Fall 2020 training season). Applications are reviewed for suitability of an artist’s practice and goals to our programming between May and June. The final step in becoming a member is to meet with the Membership Manager for an orientation. Orientations for Training Memberships will take place between July and August of each calendar year. Eligible artists may be offered an Associate Membership while waiting for space in the Training Membership to open. Check our FAQs to learn the difference between a Training Membership and an Associate Membership.

We do not require formal referrals. Artists are encouraged to contact us directly. For more information or to become a member, contact Membership and Hospital Program Manager, Raine Laurent-Eugène by email or by phone (416-583-4339 ext. 9).