Film Submissions for Rendezvous 2024 are now closed.

Please see the Call for Submissions below and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at the bottom of this page.
Please check back for more information regarding Exhibition and Performance submissions,
Thank you!

The Rendezvous with Madness Festival is the world’s first and largest arts and mental health festival and public discussion forum and we’ll return to Toronto from October 25 to November 3, with a special event on World Mental Health Day, October 10, for its 32nd  edition. We are seeking submissions for programming this fall hosted each year by Workman Arts in Toronto, Canada.

The festival presents local, national and international artworks exploring themes of mental health and/or addiction issues. Rendezvous is a multidisciplinary festival that includes visual/mixed media art, live performance in addition to its core emphasis on film and media arts, panel discussions and in-conversation events.

*NOTE* At this time we are planning for a hybrid festival that is both onsite and online. We will update this page should these plans change.

For all accessibility support inquiries and to view a full list of our festival’s accessibility practices and services, please click below:

Deadline for Submissions: Friday, June 21, 11:59 PM
Application Submission Form: https: 

We are now accepting film/video submissions for consideration for screening in the Rendezvous With Madness Festival in a cinema context (whether on-site and/or online).

*NOTE* At this time we are planning for a hybrid festival that is both onsite and online. We will update this page should plans change. (on-site location pending)

We are currently accepting submissions of all genres, lengths/durations and forms that highlight, discuss or intersect with topics of mental health, addiction, recovery and wellness. We’re especially interested in works by creators with lived mental health and/or addictions experiences.

We screen films with connections to mental health / addictions / recovery / wellness. Your film’s relation to these topics may be direct in context or more abstract in form. We are open-minded. We aim to represent a variety of perspectives and stories. In the “additional notes” section at the end of this form be sure to tell us more about your film; such as what inspired you or expand on the larger topics that your film is about. The more info you give us about your film the better!

We encourage applications from and give priority to Workman Arts members, creators with lived mental health and/or addictions experiences, BIPOC filmmakers, 2SLGBTQIA+ creators and makers with divergent abilities.

Other important notes:

There is no fee to submit to our festival and screening fees (artist fees/film rentals) are paid for all works screened based on the length of the film.

Submissions can be received by preview link (this is preferred – you can use Vimeo, YouTube, Google drive, etc.) or via USB drive.

  • No submission fees
  • Artist fees / screening fees / film rentals paid for all projects presented

You may submit up to 2 films for consideration; we will review works in progress/rough cuts (please give us info on what is yet to come!). Please see the FAQ below.

You will hear from us about your submission — All results will be sent by email by September 15, 2024.


Q: Do you charge submission fees to submit?

A: No, we never charge submission fees.

Q: Do you pay screening fees / rental fees for films presented?

A: Yes, we always pay everyone a screening/rental fee. The amount is at or above the current IMAA Fee Schedule and is based on the duration of your film.

Q. Do you consider works in progress / rough cuts?

A: Yes, absolutely! Please give us as much information about what is yet to come with your submission application.

Q: Does the film have to have some connection to mental health, addiction, wellness, recovery?

A: Yes, but Rendezvous takes a very “wide angle” approach to the films we present and we try not to define what makes a “Rendezvous film” – how explicitly the content references topics of mental health, addiction, wellness and/or recovery is up to you (you’re the creator after all!). We do show all genres: Documentary, Fiction, Animation, Experimental, Hybrid and are open to all forms and lengths. Your film’s relation to these topics may be direct in context or more abstract in form. We are open-minded. We aim to represent a variety of perspectives, stories and approaches and suggest you look at the recent films we’ve presented HERE for a sense of the kinds of works we screen.

Q: You mention you accept “recent” films – what does that mean exactly?

A:  At Rendezvous, we like to be as generous as we can; but generally we’ll consider films from the past 5 years. If your film is older than that tell us why you think we need to see it and show it now.

Q: Does my film need to have open captions or subtitles to be considered for Rendezvous?

A: We do require English subtitles for public exhibition. If your film is in another language kindly supply a preview with English subtitles. If this is not possible please contact us. We present ALL films with open captions (dialogue and sound effects) – if you have this available, we would be grateful – otherwise we will create a caption file and provide you with a copy at no charge. We provide open captioning to make our films accessible to deaf/hard of hearing audiences.

Q: Does the film have to be a Toronto/Canadian/North American/World premiere?

A: No, we prefer not to add these restrictions to filmmakers/distributors!

Q: Do you require the film to be geoblocked / region restricted?

A: No we do not, we prefer to have the films available worldwide to have a larger audience see your film and participate in panels/Q&A’s (discussions are always available worldwide!); but we will work with you on your distribution preference.

Q: If the film is accepted will you bring me to Toronto to join a Q&A or panel? Will there be an online discussion if the program is streaming online?

A: Our travel budget is limited; but we try and bring as many creators to Rendezvous as possible and appreciate offers to apply for travel funding (we can always provide a letter of invitation). Rendezvous prioritizes post-event discussions (panels/Q&A’s/interviews) and we hope that you will participate in these discussions to share your film with our engaged audiences. We look forward to working with you to create the best scenario to have you participate in the program and discussion!

Q: What sort of accessibility supports does Rendezvous offer?

A: Please click here for a list of Accessibility supports at the Rendezvous With Madness Festival. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or feedback as we’re trying to be as accessible as possible!

Q: How does Rendezvous select the films it presents?

A: We have a 5-person programming committee with extensive media arts experience as programmers and creators. In 2023, all committee members identified as having lived experience with mental health and/or addictions. The program committee decides as a group which films are selected and tries to balance the strength of the films’ form and content alongside important considerations including balancing representation of genders, cultures, abilities, geographies, cultures and ways of telling stories through the magic medium of film!