Quarantine Blues: Workman Arts: Recent Member Films

Quarantine Blues: Workman Arts: Recent Member Films

Image Credits: 1. A Lasting Impact, Emily Sweet; 2. All This Time, Genova; 3. Blood Downer, Gerald Mackenzie; 3. Naomi Hendrickje Laufer’s Dormant filmed by Brian Demoskoff; 4. Respect, by Jaene Castrillon; 5. Quarantine Blues, Susan Lieberman, Gerald Mackenzie, Amy Ness, Omar Samara, Emily Sweet and Lucy Drumonde

  • Streaming for free on VUCAVU (vucavu.com) from October 13-27
  • Virtual panel/Q&A: Fri, Oct 16, 4:00 pm

Streaming of this film and virtual panel is available to viewers worldwide.



Avant-garde filmmaker Maya Deren, once famously remarked: “Cameras do not make films; filmmakers make films.”

Featuring Workman Arts Members: Gerald Mackenzie, Brian Demoskoff, Genova, Emily Sweet, Jaene Castrillon and a special quarantine omnibus from the 2020 film class; this imaginative and exciting shorts program showcases the endless bounds of filmmaking as a creative outlet. Together through their willingness to creatively explore their surroundings and even document their daily-lives during a global pandemic, these film-makers prove that the most critical equipment for filmmaking is yourself, your imaginative mind, and your freedom to use both.

A Lasting Impact, by Emily Sweet, 5 minutes
All This Time, by Genova, 10 minutes
Blood Downer, by Gerald Mackenzie, 10 minutes
Naomi Hendrickje Laufer’s Dormant filmed by Brian Demoskoff, 3 minutes
Respect, by Jaene Castrillon, 45 minutes
Quarantine Blues, by Susan Lieberman, Gerald Mackenzie, Amy Ness, Omar Samara, Emily Sweet and Lucy Drumonde, 21 minutes

Support for this streaming program provided by Toronto Arts Council’s Open Door Program with special thanks to VUCAVU.


ASL Interpreted, Open Captions, Active Listener

An Active Listener will be available Fri, Oct 16 from 4-6pm to support this program.
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Join the filmmakers for a virtual Q&A on Friday, Oct 16, at 4:00 pm.