Re:Building Resilience Exhibition

Re:Building Resilience Exhibition

Promotional image for the festival incorporating artworks and event posters by participating artists. Imagery includes clay fish, from “Multitude of Fish” by Jenny Chen, multicolored blocks from “Alpha Support” by Justin Mence, a mobile titled “Cry Baby Mobile”, by Kassandra Walters, wallpaper-style design from “Post-Part” by Longernin Collective, and a pattern from “Ectoplasms” by Megan Moore.

Re:Building Resilience features 25 installations that examine all facets of mental health issues. This will be our last festival at 651 Dufferin Street before moving to a brand new facility at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. What better way to say “good-bye” than to animate all 11,000 square feet with performance art, installations, theatre, dance, film and media art?

Tickets and Viewing Options

Tickets for virtual viewing are pay what you wish. Virtual viewing is available throughout the festival. With your ticket, you will have access to a virtual tour that includes a virtual swag bag with extra features from the 25 projects on offer. All ticket holders will also be invited to receive physical RWM swag bags available for free curbside pickup during festival hours.

Please Note: There is one virtual ticket available for the entire Re:Building Resilience Exhibition. Whether you’d like to see one project or all of them, you only need to book one ticket to access everything. The exhibition runs October 15-25, and all purchasers will be sent a link to view the virtual content. Any ticket bought prior to October 15 will receive a follow up email on the 15th with the link.


Self-Care Kits are available for free curbside pickup to ticket holders. Kits can be picked up from 651 Dufferin Street between the hours of 12PM-9PM, October 15-25. If pickup is not an accessible option for you, contact for accommodation.


Blurry repeating abstract patterns with thick elongated orange streaks on a yellow background.
Grey K P Muldoon: Mad Carpets - Hotel Carpet Dance Projections
A line drawing of a two-storey house on the top half of the page and a bee with its wings spread on the bottom half of the page.
Saba Akhtar: The Anatomy of a Home
An abstract image of a blue and yellow rectangular block resting precariously upon a brown rectangular block.
Justin Mencel: Alpha Support
An abstract painting of a monstrous figure; its arms are spread and its head appears to be exploding.
Mitchell Clark Meller: Scarecrow
A pixel drawing of lungs, colored in pink and light purple, and outlined in red against a brown background.
Kara Stone: Medication Meditation
A cropped photo of a person in a lacy top with the word “threadbare” embroidered across the chest. Chunky blue-green yarn streams out of their mouth and fills the foreground of the image.
Alexandra Caprara & Raechel Kula: ThreadBare
A multiple-exposure photograph of a crouched nude figure on a black background.
Wieslawa Nowicka: Into the dark of my skin
A backlit circular paper cut image with a series of imaginative scenes involving a sea voyage.
Kristine White: Mad Fairy Tales
A photograph depicting a wire wastebasket in the corner of a room, overflowing with crumpled tissues covered in a smooth, hard yellowish or grayish substance.
Kassandra Walters: untitled (`{`not`}` always like this)
Two still frames from the video “Instruction to the Ball Measure” with the following captions: “The ball measure is designed to assess the intolerance of uncertainty “ and “A ball is a particle”.
Ivetta Sunyoung Kang: Intolerance of Uncertainty
A photo collage depicting a nude person jumping into a water vortex with their arms spread, viewed from above.
Sophie Dow: Mountain Duets
A photograph of a bottom half of a mannikin with a roll of silver duct tape on top of it against a concrete block wall. A piece of pink duct tape on the wall overlaps a piece of silver duct tape, with the two pieces forming an X shape.
Van Lisa: Due to Renovations
A collage-style photographic poster featuring prescription medication in containers, loose pills, notes, and Polaroid photos, overlaid with the text spelling “Prose in Therapy."
Quarter Kid Productions: Prose in Therapy
A photograph of many small hand-sculpted red clay fish laid out on a rocky river bank.
Jenny Chen: Multitude of Fish
Headshot of a person facing the camera with vividly colored stretchy paper strips wrapped around their head.
Laura Shintani: Neuroelastic
Abstract image of blurry, fluid, white shapes on a dark background.
Megan Moore: Ectoplasms
goat(h)owl theatre: Jo, Don't Go There
Post Part
Longernin Collective: Post-Part
A simplified icon depicting a person in a hospital gown hooked up to an IV drip placed within a photograph of a hospital hallway.
Rochelle R: Queen Latifah Give Me Strength
A photographic still life image with an ink bottle, books, a round analog clock with Roman numerals, large transparent bottles containing handwritten messages on yellowed paper, and a quill pen spelling out “Mad Poetry Apothecary” on a piece of paper.
Hanan Hazime: Mad Poetry Apothecary
An event poster featuring a cutting mat, scissors, a ruler, an exacto knife, and a cut up sheet of paper with words “The Collage party”.
Paul Butler: The Collage Party
A photo collage depicting a person, positioned on their back, hanging off the bed in a darkened room. One of their hands points to flaming words “the Apocalypse in Your Bedroom” above them.
James Knott: Apocalypse In Your Bedroom
Photograph of a person mid-somersault on a theatrical stage.
Mike 'Piecez' Prosserman: BREATHE: a dance production on Hip Hop + Mental Health
White logo of a bridge on a dark blue galaxy background.
Pesch Nepoose: The Bridge