AROBA: A Room Of Black Artists

AROBA: A Room Of Black Artists

A Black Mental Health Podcast Documentary Series

March 7 - April 8 2022

Black Artists have and continue to play an essential role as leaders in building communities and producing hallmarks of cultural expressions and yet continue to face a plethora of blatant to insidious forms of anti-Black racism and mental health discrimination. AROBA believes and works towards encouraging Black artists to have open discussions about Black mental health, to learn more about their own mental health, and to acknowledge the stigma of mental illness and addiction.

For this year, AROBA’s new podcast documentary series will feature a total of six unique episodes, each candidly focusing on experiences of addiction and resilience of Black Artists. Episodes will be released weekly starting Monday, March 7, 2022.

To view last year’s AROBA Symposium and Action Even you can do so here.

“The intention of shifting from a symposium to a limited podcast format is to shed more light on the day-to-day realities of mental health issues in the Black community. In the podcast series, Black artists and harm reduction workers candidly speak towards the causes and impacts of addiction on Black lives. It is the hope that the AROBA podcast series generates a greater understanding and inspires meaningful compassion towards those who struggle with mental health and addiction” says AROBA podcast writer and host Lana Lovell.

This project is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council for the Arts Response Initiative program.

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  • Black Mental Health Day
  • March 7 - April 8 2022

Content Warning:

This podcast series contains discussions around topics such as but not limited to; addiction, substance use, relapse, mentions of suicide and other similar topics which may be triggering to some audiences. Audience discretion is advised.

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Kais Padamshi
Communications and Development Manager


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