Streaming across Canada October 27th to November 6th

Reid Davenport | 2022 | United States | 76 minutes | English

Rendezvous With Madness is pleased to present outstanding documentary film I Didn’t See You There directed by Reid Davenport  available for streaming across Canada from October 27th to November 6th 

Filmmaker Reid Davenport won the Sundance Documentary Directing Award for his feature-length directorial debut for I Didn’t See You There. This film unflinchingly explores the effects “othering” has on the disabled – from the days of the “Freak Show”, to a modern society that continues to neglect and isolate the population – all framed through Davenport’s literal perspective in his wheelchair. Inspired by the sudden appearance of a circus tent near his Oakland apartment, Davenport sets out to examine the legacy of showmen like P.T. Barnum, while observing the lack of access, objectification and other forms of ableism he personally experiences with his family in Connecticut and at home as an artist in California. From construction and maintenance that impedes his mobility to the incredible inconvenience of “conveniences” put in place for wheelchair users, to the unsolicited offers of help and careless blocking of ramps, I Didn’t See You There forces audiences to re-examine their own cultural perspectives and confront what it truly means to be “othered” within today’s world.

Keywords: Isolation | Disability | Othering | Mental Health | Perspective
Genre: Documentary 
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