In person screening — Friday, October 28th at 6 PM
Camh Auditorium 
1025 Queen Street West, Toronto

Streaming across Canada October 27th to November 6th

LES PRIÈRES DE DELPHINE | DELPHINE’S PRAYERS | Rosine Mbakam | 2021 | Belgium / Cameroon | 91 minutes | Toronto Premiere | French with English Subtitles

On October 28th at Rendezvous With Madness enjoy an in person screening of the film Les Prières De Delphine/ Delphine’s Prayers directed by Rosine Mbakam. The event features a post-film talk with the director.

Les Prières De Delphine/ Delphine’s Prayers is a brutal and intimate portrait by Rosine Mbakam, a Cameroonian filmmaker based in Belgium who introduces us to her friend and compatriot Delphine, a young Cameroonian girl who after the death of her mother and the abandonment of her father’s parental responsibilities, was raped at the age of 13. She engages with sex work to support herself and her daughter and ends up marrying a Belgian man who is three times her age, hoping to find a better life in Europe. Seven years later, the European dream has faded and her situation has only gotten worse. Delphine, like others, is part of a generation of young African women crushed by patriarchal societies and left with Western sexual colonization as the only means of survival. Winner of the IndieLisboa Award for best film, Les prières de Delphine is a candid story of courage and strength in the face of racism, misogyny and poverty.

For accessibility Les Prières De Delphine | Delphine’s Prayers is also available online via Workman Arts & Cinesend from October 27th to November 6th 2022  

Keywords: Domestic Violence | Racism | Family | Generational Trauma | Colonialism
Genre: Documentary
#RWMFEST #MoreThanRebellion



Oct 29 – Nov 7 in Ontario only


Jean-Pierre Améris / 2020 / French with English subtitles / France / 145 mins / Toronto Premiere

In warm hues of colour, 1960s Lyon is explored by a preteen boy who idolizes his
unhinged father and his multiple professions. Emile is twelve years old. His father
is a hero. He says he is a judo champ, a parachutist, a soccer player and even a
personal advisor to General de Gaulle. Now he wants to save French Algeria!
Fascinated and proud, Emile willingly follows his father in missions of utmost
danger: tailing, spying, delivering top-secret letters. Emile carries out his orders in
all seriousness. He even recruits Luca, a new classmate, into his secret combat. But
what if the father’s exploits were all phony, and far too dangerous for children?


Keywords: Anger | Collonialism | Mania | Rebellion | Sons & Fathers