20x24 in

$264.00 | $15/month



13x19 in

$192.00 | $15/month



13x19 in

$264.00 | $15/month



13x19 in

$132.00 | $15/month

Brittany Newlove

Brittany Newlove is a Toronto-based artist. Her work is primarily lens-based and she works in photography, video, installation and sculpture. Brittany's work is driven by personal narrative, interpe... rsonal relationship development, and identity. She often uses herself as a subject and is interested in the relationship between self, object and gesture within the domestic space.


The selected works center around the experience of seclusion and observation within domestic space. Through self-portraiture and still life, I utilize the medium as a tool to process and grasp my fixed, yet constantly shifting experience of isolation.

These images are records of timelessness experienced when forced to be solely by oneself. I also often turn towards the light and space around myself, observing the passage of time through the quality and space light occupies and the changes it brings. During this time, I act as a voyeur within my confinement as a practice of self care and creative exploration.

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8x10 ed 5

$240 framed OR $15/month | $120 print only



10x8 ed 5

$240 framed OR $15/month | $120 print only

Marisha Pula

Marisha Pula studied illustration and design at OCAD University. She works with mediums ranging from gouache and acrylic to resin and wood, sculpture and pencil work. She is a member of Workman Arts... Collective, which advocates for and supports artists working with mental health and/or addictions. Her work focuses on environmental and social issues, with a strong emphasis on climate change and its effects on North American wildlife.

Currently she is in an exploratory phase, experimenting with photography.

When she is not completing her own projects she also works as a restoration artist specializing in sculpture repair at Dorset Fine Arts.

Over the summer and the previous year I found it difficult to find time to paint. I was in between two places four hours apart, living in the city and in the woods. I gravitated towards photography to capture both places, because it was instant. I saw an image, I shot it, I had it. A deliberate precision that I’ve never experienced while painting. The largest difference became apparent when my dog passed ; I had hundreds of photos of her and no longer could take any, but I could keep painting her from memory. I didn’t include her image in this series, but she will always be close. This series depicts my family now, without her. This series depicts the places we’ve been, without her. Sometimes it’s what’s not pictured that has the hardest hit on your memories.

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11x14 in

$144.00 | $15/month

Barbara Szymanska

Obsessively fascinated by this wondrous existence called life, focused on producing art that deconstructs and explores the age old question of what is consciousness, reality, relationship, and the e... ver elusive ``I``.

My first artistic education as a child was to deeply observe everything. I spent huge amount of time in isolation and silence. I believe that this was the most crucial aspect which later shaped my meditative creative process while experimenting with various mediums and expressions.

Art makes us feel something. It moves us. It changes our outlook. It digs itself far into our subconscious, into the world of archetypes, beliefs, symbols and associations. I enjoy creating work that i can communicate with, when there are no right words to articulate the truths of life. Art at its best can communicate the truths of life, not just as facts, but as feelings, as a deep knowing which we recognize. It is through that feeling that it touches our essence, and I am grateful that I am able to occasionally saturate in its timeless language, and from time to time frolic with others.


At the boundary where my eyes are, it appears as if there is a world out there, and another one in here.  I shuffle my legs forward but it could be a moving picture.  At moments I feel trapped inside of a shell, one with small holes that seem to open to “out there”.  On the other, “inner” side, the immense.

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12x12 in

$360.00 | $15/month

Anja Sagan

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Anja Sagan is a filmmaker, artist, co-author of an international bestselling book, actor and poet with lived experience of mental illness.

Drawing on thei... r studies in Shamanism, archetypal mythology and sacred love, Anja combines them with the powerful, mythic elements of Nature in their work. Anja views their journey through mental illness as a kind-of portal of self-realization and the opening of their gifts. When we ‘break’, there is a humility and depth of understanding that comes from piecing one’s self back together, as well as a tremendous appreciation for life and every experience.

Anja wants the viewer to explore the beauty and meaning in our lives as spiritual beings, the mythological pulse that is the heartbeat of our existence.

Anja invites us to experience the beauty and magnificence of nature, the human form as well as our place in the cosmos. Anja adamantly believes we are so much more than the labels we have had imposed onto us (based on things like gender, race, religion, socioeconomic background etc.) Anja asserts that while those things may describe aspects of us, as infinite universal consciousness living in human form - our potential is not defined by our bodies but instead, by That which animates it.

Anja’s work is created using multiple media including acrylic, pastel, printed mylar, encaustic, gold leaf and occasionally, found objects from nature.

Anja is inspired by artists such as Susan Seddon-Boulet, Joyce Wieland, Michaelangelo Buonarroti, and Gustav Klimt as well as filmmakers like Akira Kurosawa, and Guillermo Del Toro.

Anja holds a diploma from OCADU in graphic design and an Honours BA in Fine Art from the University of Guelph. Since graduating they studied sculpture at Central Technical School and for over a year with prominent Toronto sculptor, Adrienne Alison (d. 2019) and with another Toronto-based painter, Grethe Jensen. When not writing, painting or creating films, Anja can be found traveling, wilderness camping, hiking, cycling or being human furniture for her beloved animal companions.

This piece is called “The Road To Recovery”. It is an echo of what I experienced while I was living with the most acute symptoms of my multiple diagnoses. Everything around me felt grey and lifeless. Only my son and my mother seemed real, only they held any meaning and depth to me. I felt like who I once knew myself to be was gone and all that was left was a buzzing hornet’s nest of stinging, negative thoughts. I felt very isolated, alone and grossly inadequate as a parent.

It was a catharsis to create this piece. It helped me release some of the guilt I felt at not being all a parent ‘should’ be. My mother and I went for countless walks in shopping malls back then and she helped me give my son’s life some semblance of normalcy.

It has been a long journey from there. Though at the time I wouldn’t have believed it possible, at length, I actually found my life’s passion. With my son’s and mother’s love, my Shamanic training and my involvement with Workman Arts – I have grown tremendously as a parent and a human being over the past fifteen years.

The photos were taken on my old cell phone from that time period.

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20x24in ed 1/3

$1320 framed OR $33/month | $960 print only OR $24.00/month



20x20 ed 2/3

$960.00 | $24/month



20x24 ed 1/3

$960.00 | $24/month

Sean Patenaude

Sean Patenaude works in a combination of film and digital processes to capture striking, emotional images that invite the viewer to imagine the story beyond the frame.

Since 2013, Sean has be... en deeply involved with the mental health community in Toronto, leading photography workshops at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, World Pride, Workman Arts, and other organizations. His photography has been central to his own wellness and recovery from depression and anxiety, and his greatest joy lies in helping others discover their own talent and creativity through image-making.

Sean has made images for Workman Arts, the Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival, the Suits Me Fine Fashion Show and many other organizations. His work has been displayed at Hart House, Artscape Youngplace, the Gladstone Hotel, and the Contact Photography Festival.

Sean's pictures have been published internationally in books, magazines and online. In 2018, Sean was commissioned to create a Therapeutic Art Installation documenting the construction of two new buildings at CAMH. The resulting six large prints, collectively titled “watching the time pass by the sun” are on permanent display in the McCain Complex Care and Recovery Building.


The works I’m showing in Being Scene 2022 are solargraphs – multi-month photographic exposures captured through pinhole cameras I made myself. These images were made between 2019 and 2021, taken from various locations on the CAMH site, documenting the construction of two new hospital buildings. The streaks of light in the pictures reflect the passage of the sun across the sky during each day of the exposures. I love this process for how it collapses a year into a single frame.

Because of the super-long exposures involved, the original negatives, recorded on traditional silver-based photo paper, remain light-sensitive and can never be made permanent. They can’t be developed or fixed without being destroyed, for the paper has been pushed beyond its limits. Even the light from the scanner used to record the pictures for printing damages them during the scan.

I made these because I wanted to express how each day marks us in ways we can only see in retrospect. The building of a hospital echoes the experiences of those who will attend it. Healing takes time, and patience, and the changes mark us like sunlight on paper, glimpsed through a tiny hole in the dark.

There are four lights: exposure July 2018 – September 2019, 425 days

There will always be a storm: exposure May 2019 – September 2019, 114 days

200 sunsets: exposure July 2019 – February 2020, 203 days

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