The Gathering at Rendezvous With Madness: Mind the Gap

This 2.5-hour virtual workshop offers a space to share what has been arising for us during the festival and explore how this year’s festival theme, Mind the Gap, shows up in our lives.

Mind The Gap as a theme invites us to examine the systematic “gaps” people with lived experience of mental health and addiction, may fall through. In gathering as a community, we hope to create an alliance by healing together. 

The hosts and facilitators of The Gathering, Katt Topolniski, Ellen Snowball and Alys Sobool, will hold the space and gently guide the conversation. They will also share a brief introduction to somatic healing and facilitate a somatic grounding exercise and an embodied art activity.

About The Gathering 

The Gathering is a co-created, community-led, virtually held space for sharing circle-style conversations that aim to acknowledge we are relational beings who need connection. It is an offering that holds space for weaving our lived experiences, stories, and wisdom to foster desired insights, resources, and awareness in ways that support our individual and collective humanity. Lightly guided and gently held, The Gathering explores what it means to grow in a community.

Co-creators and hosts of The Gathering, Katt Topolniski, Ellen Snowball and Alys Sobool are collaborative and welcome creative collaborations

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

8 – 10 PM EST