We Are Excited To See You There!

In advance of the 30th annual Rendezvous With Madness Festival, Workman Arts is pleased to invite you to Rendezvous In The Park, our pre-festival open mic event!

Join us on October 15 from 2-5 PM at the TD Commons Green Space (at the NW corner of Queen St W and Workman Way) for a fun afternoon of spoken wordmusic, and a special performance by festival artists Natalie Wee and Anda Zeng. Stick around for take-home crafting and plant medicine workshops led by Workman Arts and Satellite instructors Sarah Waithe and Sharrae Lyon, as well as catered food and warm drinks from Mofer Coffee.

Sign Up For Our Open Mic

To perform during our Open Mic,
you can sign up here or show up and join in!

COVID-19 Information and Protocols

For all of our COVID-19 venue information and protocols, please click here.


For all questions please contact Kevin Yue at kevin.workmanarts@gmail.com