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Gwanjo Jeong / 2019 / Korean with English subtitles / South Korea / 95 min / Canadian Premiere


Nocturne is the story of a family. The documentary follows Seong-ho, a young piano virtuoso living with autism. With an extraordinary talent in music, his mother and primary caretaker dedicates her whole life building a career for her son as a professional musician. In contrast, Seong-ho’s younger brother, Gun-ki is relegated to a world of video games and television. Gun-ki’s resentment slowly begins to grow when he is forced to give up his own interest in music to maintain Seong-ho’s spotlight. Moreover, Gun-ki feels like he has been neglected by his mother, who spends most of her time taking care of Seong-ho and trying to advance his career. When the two brothers embark on an independent European trip, the already contentious brotherly relationship crashes into chaos. It also poses some difficult questions: what will happen to Seong-ho if his mother is no longer there? Will Gun-ki have his back, or will his music legacy crumble?

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Animal Calling
Candice Dixon | 2020 | Canada | English | 6 minutes | Ontario Premiere

A short documentary following a recently-graduated, young veterinarian as she enjoys a rare, relaxing morning in her serene country home. As she reflects on the mental health crisis currently impacting veterinary medicine, we’re intermittently transported to her place of work and shown the emotional and psychological challenges faced by those working in animal care.


Sibling dynamics are unique by nature; sometimes, it swings from moments of companionship to moments of competition. In the case of the family in Nocturne, the subject of autism adds another layer of relational negotiation as they seek to understand how to manage acts of care and responsibility. What are some of the realities that individuals on the autism spectrum face when they navigate the world independently and what pressures and expectations do their core support networks face? Join moderator Kat Singer and panelists Azed Majeed and Aidan Lee as they dive deeper into how these complexities are presented in Nocturne.


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