Thank you for your interest in Rendezvous With Madness 2020.

The call for Performance & Installation proposals is now closed and all applicants have been notified of the status of their applications.  If you have questions relating to the Performance & Installations call for submissions, please contact Cara Spooner.

The call for Film submissions is now closed.  Applicants will be notified about the status of their applications by email by the end of August. If you have questions relating to the Film call for submissions, please contact Scott Miller Berry.



A: No, we never charge submission fees.

A: Yes, we always pay everyone a screening/rental fee. The amount is above the current IMAA Fee Schedule and is based on the duration of your film.

A: Yes, absolutely! Please give us as much information about what is yet to come with your submission application.

A: Yes, but Rendezvous takes a very “wide angle” approach to the films we present and we try not to define what makes a “Rendezvous film” – how explicitly the content references topics of mental health, addiction, wellness and/or recovery is up to you. We do show all genres: Documentary, Fiction, Animation, Experimental, Hybrid and are open to all genres and lengths. We suggest you look at the recent films we’ve presented HERE for a sense of the kinds of works we screen.

A:  At Rendezvous, we like to be as generous as we can; but generally we’ll consider films from the past 5 years If your film is older than that tell us why you think we need to see it and show it now.

A: We do require English subtitles for public exhibition. If your film is in another language kindly supply a preview with English subtitles. If this is not possible please contact us. We present ALL films with open captions (dialogue and sound effects) – if you have this available, we would be grateful – otherwise we will create a caption file and provide you with a copy at no charge. We provide open captioning to make our films accessible to deaf/hard of hearing audiences.

A: No, we prefer not to add these restrictions to filmmakers/distributors!

A: Hopefully, but our travel budget is limited; we will try our best and appreciate offers to apply for travel funding (we can always provide a letter of invitation).

A: Please click here for a list of Accessibility supports at the Rendezvous With Madness Festival. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or feedback as we’re trying to be as accessible as possible!

A: We have a 5-person programming committee with extensive media arts experience. A majority of the committee members identify as having lived experience with mental health and/or addiction experiences. The program committee decides as a group which films are selected.