Textiles are very in right now, 2018-present

series of rugs

Paulina Wiszowata

Paulina Wiszowata’s (she/they) innate interest in the art world manifests itself in her artistic practice, in which she critically reflects upon and examines many different notions of art and what i... t means to be an artist. Framing herself as a contemporary conceptual artist, she utilizes a multitude of motifs including humour, language and de-skilling in order to demonstrate these self-reflective concepts and her hyperawareness of them. Her identity as an artist is rooted in her training in the visual arts, with a primary focus on painting, performance, and most recently rugmaking; she uses these fields to construct an effortless appearance with the use of calculated gestures that both fulfill and critique her own identity. Art is simply the means in which she chooses to question herself, her community and her craft; in doing so, she attempts to understand the conventions of being an artist, where these conventions originate from and how they are defined.