AGO & Workman Arts: Talking Back and Together

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and Workman Arts are partnering to empower artists to share their personal artwork and artistic practice. By creating a series of artistic videos which will premiere on the AGO’s Facebook page, they are taking up themes of mental health awareness and advocacy in art galleries and museums.

AGO: Access To Art

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) recognizes and celebrates visitors’ diverse abilities and needs. To ensure art is accessible to all, they offer a variety of programs and services that support visits to the Gallery and participation in its activities. Access is about care; they hope to raise awareness about accessibility and encourage all people to incorporate access in their everyday practice and lives. 

The AGO offers this platform for online programs and resources to all visitors and guests of the Gallery, creating an Access to Art Resource Hub for all their diverse communities.

For more information contact
Kais Padamshi
Communications and Development Manager Manager
416-583-4339, Ext.4


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Talking Back and Together Events

A photo of Amanda Lederle
Friday, October 15, 11 am


Amanda Lederle

Amanda (they/them) is a neurodiverse, queer Chinese-Canadian born, recovering perfectionist and empathic human. Their work aims to connect with others in the search for self-identity and understanding. You can find more on and, and on Instagram @AmandaLederle and @CreateBeing.

Amanda Lederle showcases their main work of black-and-white Emotional Maps and colourful gender non-conforming paintings of footwear. They share a few ideas on how the AGO can further engage with communities, create accessibility and feature more BIPOC artists in the community and arts and culture sector.


Instagram; @AmandaLederle @CreateBeing


A photo of Hanan Hazime
Friday, November 19, 11 am


Hanan Hazime

Hanan Hazime is a multidisciplinary artist, creative writer, community arts educator, and writing instructor living in Tkaranto/Toronto. She also identifies as a Neurodivergent Lebanese-Canadian Shi’a Muslimah Feminist and Mad Pride Activist. Hanan has Master of Arts degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Windsor.  When not writing or creating art, Hanan enjoys reading fantasy and science fiction novels, overanalyzing things, photo-blogging, dancing with faeries in the woods and drinking copious amounts of tea.

In this video, Hanan Hazime explores the intersectionality of race, gender, and culture with neurodiversity through artistic expression. In Red, a multimedia series of self portraits, invites viewers to look at cultural binaries from a different perspective. Poems from Aorta, a chapbook published by Zed press, explore the multifaceted nature of the heart and all it contains. Throughout this colourful visual showcase, Hanan presents a snapshot of her visual and literary artwork in hope of carving out much needed space for the representation of diverse voices such as hers in the Canadian arts world.


INSTAGRAM: @the.mad.muslimah

A photo of Nicholas Ridiculous
Friday, December 17, 11 am


Nicholas Ridiculous

Raised by Fiction | Nicholas Ridiculous

Welcome to my menagerie; a thrifted and twisted dreamscape of lost tapes. Join me on this retrospective of creative youth, an appreciation of process and showcase of how far you can follow your artistic desires. If you let yourself deserve it, if you allow yourself to feel the worth that everyone else knows is there. This is an ode to the beauty born of mad radicals and fad chasers, this is my reflections. A shattered world raised by fiction, now we are picking up the pieces. I was put into a dark box a long, long time ago by the foster care industry. I am finally starting to make my way out. And with me come the worlds I’ve made to survive the trials.

Please enjoy this sampling of original craft, poetry, music, fashion and movement. Thanks for stopping by.

Social Media Links:

@Nicholasridiculous / ARTIST INSTAGRAM
@thelastcandybandit / PAINTING INSTAGRAM
@ridic.rugz / RUG INSTAGRAM
nicridicTV / YOUTUBE
@underbellysociety / CLOTHING LINE INSTAGRAM

A photo of Apanaki Temitayo M
Friday, January 21, 11 am


Apanaki Temitayo

Apanaki Temitayo M is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist. Born in Toronto and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Apanaki Temitayo M is a bi-sexual, single mother of three. She is an author, spoken word poet, actor, multimedia artist and teacher. Her canvas compositions are an expression of her Trinidadian heritage and spirituality. Apanaki is currently the CAMH 1st Artist in Wellness, and she is featured in the Kuumba Exhibit, Where She Went, She Thrived at Harbourfront Centre, presented by Nia Centre for the Arts.

Journey As A Canadian Artist: A Critique of the AGO” ​is an in-depth exploration and discussion ​led by author, spoken word poet, actor, multimedia artist and teacher Apanaki Temitayo M on the issues related to the lack of representation of Black, Indigenous and People of Color at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the impact on the Canadian art landscape ​as a whole.


Social Media: @ShopApanaki

A photo of Jenny Chen
Friday, February 18, 11 am


Jenny Chen

Jenny is a visual artist living in Toronto. She makes art to process information about the world around her while raising questions about existentialism and spirituality. Her work uses symbols to create mystical environments inspiring viewers to wonder about life beyond the material world. She graduated from OCAD University  in 2016 with a major in Drawing and Painting and a minor in Illustration. Since then, Jenny has worked mainly in watercolour, pen and clay.

Artist Jenny Chen talks about the work she has made in the past three years. She covers her inspiration and creative processes across multiple mediums. She emphasizes pattern making in her work. At the end of the talk, she demonstrates that you can create your own pattern drawing at home.