George Hardy was a member of Workman Arts from 2008-2016. He was an improviser, photographer, musician, ‘techie’ and an enthusiastic member of the Workman Arts community as well as a cherished employee.

This scholarship was established in honour of George through the generous contributions from George’s son Trystan Hardy and George’s sister Lynn Hardy.

This annual scholarship provides Workman Arts members with tuition money (up to $750 per year) to attend additional artistic training outside of Workman Arts training courses. The scholarship may be divided between several applicants, allowing more than one individual an opportunity to pursue their educational endeavours.

This scholarship is open for all Workman Arts members to apply. To be eligible, the member must propose a professional development activity (based on their artistic practice) that requires funding. 

Tuition may cover activities such as enrollment for a course at local artist-run organization, art school/studio, special workshops, intensives, and conferences. Previously, the scholarship covered travel-based research (example: train ticket and exhibition entry fee), however due to safety restrictions on travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be considering travel-based proposals at this time.

How to Apply

The application portal will open September 14, 2022.

More Ways to Apply

Workman Arts also invites applicants to submit their applications in the following format:

  • Paper sent by mail
  • Oral format*
  • ASL

*This includes: an interview by phone or video conferencing (Zoom, Skype, or Meet), a voice recording (MP3 or WAV), or a video recording (MP4, AVI, or MOV)

Applicants who would like to apply by mail, orally, or with ASL services can get in touch with the education manager 10 business days before the application deadline to make arrangements. Workman staff or a peer support may be assigned to help the applicant complete the submission process.

Applications will not be judged based on the format of the submission. Workman Arts, jurors, and/or project assessors will only assess the content of the work itself.

The Review Process

Applications will undergo a process of peer review by the Member Advisory Committee, whereby one or more scholarship recipient(s) will be selected. Workman Arts will contact the recipient(s) and provide assistance (if they require) to select and register for their proposed activity. The activity may take place at any point within 12 months of being awarded the scholarship.

Email documents or questions to Raine Laurent-Eugène with the subject line, “George Hardy Scholarship.”

416-583-4339, ext. 9