We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Peter Mulcair Fund created through a generous donation from Workman Arts’ founder Lisa Brown. This fund will support the Walk in My Shoes Exhibition featuring 9 original shoe designs from Workman Arts members: Kat Singer, Carlin Dixon, Hayley Hart, Angela Walcott, Taryn Lee, Wendy Belcourt, Nathan Enkel, V Vallières, Mei Chan-Long in addition Annette Seip as the commissioned artist for the shoe design based on Peter Mulcair’s “Mad Couture” dress design.

Peter Mulcair was an active member of Workman Arts for over a decade before passing away in 2020. A passionate and talented artist with a particular affinity for photography, he used the lens of his camera to “reframe” a bad day and never let mental health adversities stand in the way of creativity. He was known for his sense of humour and shared a bond with Workman Arts founder Lisa Brown who was inspired by both his incredible talent and his ability to inspire those around him.

From Peter‘s children Meaghan and Kevin:
“Our father lived and breathed photography. With the help of Workman Arts, he was able to continue to find ways to express his creativity. In 2013 Workman Arts put together the Mad Couture Catwalk. To our father, this was one of his proudest moments as an artist. I remember fondly how much time and effort went into creating his pieces. The concept of putting photographs on dresses truly inspired our father (he even ended up making T-Shirts after). Each opportunity he got to create allowed him to live a more meaningful life. Amid struggling with mental health, he went on to make his impact within the art community. He found work, opportunities and was able to support his family. Not long after Mad Couture our father had severe complications from a surgery. From then on he was not who he once was and was unable to create like he once did. That event was his last. When he passed in 2020 we were contacted by Workman Arts’ founder Lisa Brown who worked alongside our father for years. She wanted a bursary to be put into our fathers name “The Peter Mulcair Fund”. For our father to receive a dedication to his name like this means more to us then words can describe. We are so honoured his name is continuing on and able to fund the Walk in My Shoes Exhibition”.

The inaugural Walk in My Shoes Exhibition will be presented on Thursday, June 16 from 6pm-8pm at Workman Arts in the CAMH auditorium (1025 Queen Street West).

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