We are seeking members of Workman Arts interested in providing peer support for Workman Arts programs and events.

In all Workman Arts programming, we want to encourage exploration, curiosity, creativity and honesty through the arts. At the same time, we recognize that sometimes participation can be vulnerable, either because of things going on in life or triggers that could emerge in programs. In line with our values of trauma-informed practice and recognizing the skills and expertise of peers, we hire Peer Supports to be able to hold space and provide support to participants in Workman programs, which might include: year-round courses through the Training Programs, through the Virtual Front Desk and/or at Workman Arts events such as Being Scene and Rendezvous with Madness.

If you have an interest in offering peer support; a compassionate, patient and open temperament; the confidence and composure to hold space for someone else’s experience; active listening skills; the self-care capacities and resources to support yourself in the role; and an understanding of community resources that participants may benefit from, please apply to join our pool of peer supports!

Before each term begins, we’ll reach out to the peer support pool to see who is interested and available to support courses. We may also reach out about other Workman Arts opportunities as they come up. This means there is no availability commitment to be part of the pool.

This is a paid position. Peer support are compensated $20 per hour.

Due Date: February 19, 2021

How to Apply

You may apply by filling out the online form by following the “SUBMIT” button.

Workman Arts is an equal opportunity organization. We welcome applications from Indigenous peoples, people of colour, people living with disability, and people of any sexual orientation and gender expressions. We encourage applicants from these communities to apply and self-identify in their applications.

More Ways to Apply

Workman Arts also invites applicants to submit their applications in the following format:

  • Paper sent by mail
  • Oral format*
  • ASL

*This includes: an interview by phone or video conferencing (Zoom, Skype, or Meet), a voice recording (MP3 or WAV), or a video recording (MP4, AVI, or MOV)

Applicants who would like to apply by mail, orally, or with ASL services can get in touch with the education manager 10 business days before the application deadline to make arrangements. Workman staff or a peer support may be assigned to help the applicant complete the submission process.

Applications will not be judged based on the format of the submission.


For questions, application support or accommodation needs, please contact Justina at 416-583-4339 ext 9 or justina_zatzman@workmanarts.com

Justina Zatzman
Membership & Hospital Programs Manager
416-583-4339, ext. 9