A community learning exchange with Humber College

Humber College and Workman Arts are partnering in a 4 week module of cross-disciplinary learning and collective creation that addresses art and access, resulting in an exhibition at the Humber Art Commons for the Toronto Biennale.

Art in Access is a curriculum delivered through the Special Topics in Contemporary Practice course (VADA207) brings students together with community members, local organizations, and the environment to develop and address critical questions in art and society. Developed around real-world experiences, the program teaches students how to dialogue with others and develop skills in communication and collaboration in an open and access-oriented space. Working in partnership with local community mental health organizations/members Among Friends, Workman Arts and the Toronto Biennale of Art, Humber College students in the Special Topics in Contemporary Practice course (VADA207) will undertake a four-week learning module on arts education, workshop design, and access-oriented programming.

Students will interface with community members with lived experience to both learn from and teach others creative strategies that promote wellness and inclusion. Taking place in the Humber Art Commons, the four-week module will include weekly art production sessions wherein the process is highlighted over the product; the creative and educational journey undertaken by community and students will help to determine strategies for future curriculum designed while upholding both the strategic plan of Humber College around wellness and inclusion.

The modules will be led by Humber College Professors and artists Cole Swanson and Anne Zbitnew. They have co-developed and lead a number of community-based art collaborations within and beyond curriculum. Art in Access brings students and community members together in a variety of environments to make art and respond to questions of access in art education. Currently, Swanson and Zbitnew are developing a second-iteration Art in Access incubator to help shape a future community-access arts program to be held at Humber College.

Modules will take place: Tuesdays from 10:45am-1:25pm, on September 24th, October 1st, 8th, and 15th at the Humber Arts Common, 3253 Lakeshore Boulevard West, Etobicoke.

Interested in participating? Please get in contact by September 18th.
Jessica Jang
Education Manager
416-583-4339, Ext 3