Workman Arts provides members with access to equipment, gear and materials for on-site projects and classes. Members also have the opportunity to apply for studio space.

416-583-4339, Ext 3


4 Lower Hall studios

4 Bay Studios in the Theatre

5 Studios in the shared Visual Art Studio

Currently, the application deadline has passed.

Workman Arts members are invited to apply for studio spaces for the period of July – December & February – June. The studio hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00-5:00 as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-7:00. 

The studios are semi-private studio spaces in larger shared environments. Each accepted artist will have a dedicated space that includes a storage box you can lock (for work in process, supplies or gear), a table, chair, power source and easel (if required). 

The main shared spaces will still be used for classes, member initiatives, rehearsals, other meetings and occasional events. Incubator Studios are intended for quiet, dedicated studio use.

Note that our current building is sadly not wheelchair accessible (and will remain so until construction is complete on our new building at CAMH in 2020).

Equipment and gear available on site at Workman Arts

Artists can sign out gear to be used on-site at Workman Arts for individual projects as well as in workshop and training courses. 


  • Apple desktops & laptops
  • Adobe Suite Creative Cloud


  • DSLR cameras
  • SONY video camera
  • Insta 360 VR camera
  • Photography equipment
  • Media light kit


  • Boom microphone kit
  • ZOOM field recorders
  • Wireless lapel mics


  • Printing press table
  • Screen printing kit
  • Light table


  • Lap looms
  • Textiles & fibers
  • Sewing machines


  • Pianos & electronic keyboard
  • Electronic drum kit
  • Cajon drum
  • Acoustic guitars


  • Collage materials
  • Oil & chalk pastels
  • Charcoal & conte
  • Oil, watercolour and acrylic paint

The Arrangement of the Studios

You agree to:

  • contribute to creating a comfortable, secure, and clean working environment
  • use the studio on a regular basis
  • work towards creating a body of work and/or to explore a specific project
  • demonstrate self-direction and the ability to work independently
  • work alongside other artists in a shared environment and cooperate accordingly
  • commit to the period of time noted above and the hours of operation
  • work within the allowed boundaries of the space provided for you, without disruption to other members
  • remove all personal items, artwork, and materials from lock box and studio space on end date
  • leave the studio in a clean condition