Talking Back and Together: Nicholas Ridiculous

Talking Back and Together: Nicholas Ridiculous

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  • 11 AM Friday, November 19, 2021

Nicholas Ridiculous

Raised by Fiction | Nicholas Ridiculous

Welcome to my menagerie; a thrifted and twisted dreamscape of lost tapes. Join me on this retrospective of creative youth, an appreciation of process and showcase of how far you can follow your artistic desires. If you let yourself deserve it, if you allow yourself to feel the worth that everyone else knows is there. This is an ode to the beauty born of mad radicals and fad chasers, this is my reflections. A shattered world raised by fiction, now we are picking up the pieces. I was put into a dark box a long, long time ago by the foster care industry. I am finally starting to make my way out. And with me come the worlds I’ve made to survive the trials.

Please enjoy this sampling of original craft, poetry, music, fashion and movement. Thanks for stopping by.

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