24x18 in

$1080.00 | $27/month

Steven Lewis

Steven Lewis was born in Philadelphia PA. He came to Toronto Canada as a child in 1967. His early art education was self directed, through the use of “how to draw” books and copying. Later studi... ed drawing and painting at Ontario College of Art, which included studying in Florence Italy.

Steven was a founding partner of SPINVFX, pioneering digital post production for film in Canada.

Steven currently practices his painting in Toronto. His work is in private collections, and has been exhibited in group juried shows such as Touched By Fire, Being Scene and was a finalist in the Kingston Prize Portrait Exhibition. Steven teaches oil painting with Workman Arts.


When I paint, I wish to disappear into my subject. Working from intense observation, I am obsessed with attaining what I call “truthiness”. Truthiness arises from the honest, accurate depictions of my subject.

I am not concerned with issues of “style”. Style is inherent in the method. Light, sensed by my eye, distilled in the brain and expressed by my hand, makes it impossible not to leave a personal stamp.

This is a dance between artist the model reveal truths about them both. From it, a body of work has been created, described as realistic, melancholic, haunting and emotionally dimensional. “Communing With Nature” is a look at how attached to our devices we can be that we fail to notice the world around us.

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