24x24 in

$4800.00 | $120/month


Steven Lewis

Artist Steven Lewis wishes “to disappear into my subject” when he paints. Working from intense observation, he is obsessed with attaining what he calls “truthiness”. To Lewis, truthiness ari... ses from the honest, accurate depictions of his subject. He is not concerned with issues of “style” as style is inherent in the method. Instead, when light is sensed by his eye, distilled into his brain, and expressed by his hand, it makes it impossible for Lewis to not leave a personal stamp. This is the dance between the artist and the model, revealing truths about them both. From this dance, a body of work is created; one that is described as realistic, melancholic, haunting, and emotionally dimensional.

This artwork is also available to Rent. Please contact Paulina Wiszowata to learn more or read the Art Sales & Rental About page for further details.