16x20 in

$1080.00 | $27/month


skylar cheung

skylar cheung was born in Toronto to a Chinese historian. Her mother raised her in both Hong Kong and Toronto, allowing her to realize the socio-cultural disparity between Western and Eastern nation... s. The topic of how governance influences citizens’ standard of life across all economic strata inspired her to undertake a degree in political science at the University of Toronto where she is currently a student. She is also a staff illustrator for The Varsity, the largest tri-campus paper at the university, and actively participates in the documentation of political events using her camera and pen.


cheung has used visual arts as a means of articulating her emotions from an early age. She first learned Chinese watercolours under the guidance of her mother, and later trained with Toronto-based artist Peter Han. She then realized her affinity for smooth lines and geometric shapes after experimenting with Canadian artist Lawren Harris’ style during her high school career. From her experimentations, she has produced Group of Seven-inspired pieces for homes and galleries.

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