8x10 ed 5

$240 framed OR $15/month | $120 print only



10x8 ed 5

$240 framed OR $15/month | $120 print only

Marisha Pula

Marisha Pula studied illustration and design at OCAD University. She works with mediums ranging from gouache and acrylic to resin and wood, sculpture and pencil work. She is a member of Workman Arts... Collective, which advocates for and supports artists working with mental health and/or addictions. Her work focuses on environmental and social issues, with a strong emphasis on climate change and its effects on North American wildlife.

Currently she is in an exploratory phase, experimenting with photography.

When she is not completing her own projects she also works as a restoration artist specializing in sculpture repair at Dorset Fine Arts.

Over the summer and the previous year I found it difficult to find time to paint. I was in between two places four hours apart, living in the city and in the woods. I gravitated towards photography to capture both places, because it was instant. I saw an image, I shot it, I had it. A deliberate precision that I’ve never experienced while painting. The largest difference became apparent when my dog passed ; I had hundreds of photos of her and no longer could take any, but I could keep painting her from memory. I didn’t include her image in this series, but she will always be close. This series depicts my family now, without her. This series depicts the places we’ve been, without her. Sometimes it’s what’s not pictured that has the hardest hit on your memories.

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