48x48 in

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Kurt Rostek

Born in Toronto and raised in what was rural Ontario at the time, Kurt Rostek’s aspirations as a creative person dawned as soon as his eyes opened wide to the space around him in his new home on t... he farm.

At the age of 10, he began to create watercolours. Rostek was inspired by birds of every size and colour that came before him. His painterly pursuits continued throughout high school, where he was given the opportunity to fill a wall in the cafeteria with his new-found love for painting on a large scale. He has also had training in printmaking and found object sculpture.

Rostek’s education, on top of over 40 years of diligence in his career, consists of a Visual Arts Certificate from Centennial College, two years in York University’s Fine Art Studio Program, and an Architectural Technologist Certificate from Ryerson University.

For 25 years he worked in the studio of Artists 25, a collective committed to figurative work. They had live model sessions 4 times a week, which he participated in for 6 years. For a period of 1 year, he was President of the collective. Since then he has rented the space for his own projects. His work has now found a new home in Workman Arts Incubator Studios. He also maintains a home studio for smaller works.

Rostek’s works have been exhibited in several galleries in Toronto, where he also honed in on his skills in curating. They have also been exhibited in New York City, Beijing, and in public and private collections worldwide.

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