“Sit Still” and “Look at Me,”  2022

2 chairs containing varioius objects wrapped in yarn and fabric.

Estée Klar &
Adam Wolfond

Estée Klar holds a PhD Critical Disability Studies from York University. Her dissertation, Neurodiversity in Relation: an artistic intraethnography is a collaborative work with Adam Wolfond, now a pu... blished writer and the first non-speaking classically autistic M.A. student in Canada. Klar is also a facilitator and an artist and founder of dis assembly, a lab for neurodiverse artistic experimentation involving processes that explore conditions and techniques for human and more-than-human relation and support located at Artscape Youngplace in Toronto. She collaborates with others around the world in these projects. Klar is also the founder/director of the former Autism Acceptance Project (2006—10) and its subsequent artistic-activist events, and the original blogger at The Joy of Autism (2004-8) which over the years has resonated throughout the autistic community. She is an artist and filmmaker and her can be seen at www.esteerelation.com and dis-assembly.ca.

Adam Wolfond is an autistic poet and artist who uses a device to speak. He has been featured poets.org as the youngest poet to ever be published there and his work has been featured in The New York Times Magazine (2023). Wolfond has also exhibited his film and installation work in Toronto, Canada. He is the co-founder of dis assembly in Toronto, an arts collective which practices techniques for neurodiversity. Languaging is a way of movement, a continual disassembling, challenging the way of neurotypical grammars for more diversities to come. His work can be viewed at adamwolfond.com and also, dis-assembly.ca. His chapbooks of poetry In Way of Music Water Answers Toward Questions Other Than What Is Autism, are available here at the studio. His book The Wanting Way which we are celebrating this evening is published by Milkweed Publishing Multiverse Series and In The Way of Water will be published by Punctum University Press in 2023.