Judy Versus Capitalism

Judy Versus Capitalism

  • Available to stream online: Thu, Oct 15, 8 PM through Sun, Oct 25, 8 PM
  • Virtual Q&A: Thu, Oct 15, 9:00pm

Streaming of this film is only available to viewers in Ontario, Canada. Virtual Q&A is available worldwide.

Mike Hoolboom / 2020 / English / Canada / 63 min


Judy Rebick is a seminal, local Toronto feminist figure on the forefront of the Pro-choice movement in Canada since the 1970s, who went on to head the biggest women’s organization in Canada in the 1990s while wrestling with her own personal triumphs and tragedies. This reverent, experimental portrait of an iconic Toronto figure touches on her struggles with mental health and childhood traumas as she becomes a pivotal figure in Canada’s progressive movements. Director Mike Hoolboom presents a poignant portrait of Rebick using her own words layered with striking Super-8 footage, contextualized within a stream of consciousness that chronicles Judy’s iconic moments in Canadian history with a  lens on her own personal histories and internal landscape. The rhythm of this portrait mimics the ebbs and flows of the effects of mental illness on life while capturing the strength and resilience of an incomparable human in unprecedented times.


Join us for our first panel discussion with Judy Versus Capitalism’s iconic Canadian feminist, writer, journalist and radical activist Judy Rebick and moderator Nora Loreto as they discuss Judy Rebick’s lifelong fight for social justice, her own experience with mental health and childhood trauma and Mike Hoolboom’s unconventional approach to documenting his friend’s extraordinary life.


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