This is Not A Burial, it's a Resurrection

This is Not A Burial, it's a Resurrection

  • Live screening followed by live and virtual Q&A: Sat, Oct 24, 7:00pm
  • Available to stream online: Thu, Oct 22, 9:00pm to Sat, Oct 24, 9:00pm

ASL Interpreted, Open Captions

Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese / 2019 / Sesotho with English subtitles / Lesotho / South Africa / Italy / 119 min / Ontario Premiere


Set in the stunning landscape of the Lesotho mountains, this unique film follows the story of an 80-year-old widow, Mantoa. Mantoa eagerly awaits her son’s return from work in the mines; instead, she learns of his death. Her immense grief is framed within the Provincial decree to relocate her village in order for development of a dam and reservoir, threatening to flood and erase everything that she holds dear. Mantoa takes up a spiritual mantle and fights for the land, community and her desire to bury her child on the land they were raised on. A colourful, heartfelt and personal story full of the strength, history and the power of this lone matriarch in the face of great change. Taking her last stand, Mantoa asserts her way of life, where the living and the dead stand together to bear witness to the changing landscape, making us question the price of progress.