The Colors of Hypnotic Charm

The Colors of Hypnotic Charm


Creator: Maximillian Suillerot

This installation features the open and empty crates that dogs are usually transported in or make temporary homes of. These cages, as repurposed objects, highlight the one element clearly missing from the picture – the animal. The color palette adorning the crates is undoubtedly the mark of the Sex Magick Warriors, the victims of ongoing attacks by these creatures. Acts of violence associated with dogs (such as their use in policing or the mundane urban attacks from poorly trained house pets) are charmed away through this ritual which benefits this marginalized group. This altar seeks to shift control of the social use of dogs as oppressive tools. Through Magick and compassion, it conquers violence through care.

Maximilian Suillerot is a Mexican-French queer mixed-media artist and cultural worker currently living and working in Toronto. Born and raised in Mexico City, Maximilian began their artistic training in Paris (France) at Les ARCADES. They continued their studies at the University of Toronto where they obtained a B.A (Hons) specializing in Visual Art Studies. In their practice, Maximilian plays with concepts that encompass the duality of presence and absence in queer settings. Grief and fiction meld with aspects of personal narrative to reveal a comical discomfort and rituals are created as coping mechanisms to deal with life.

Workman Arts

651 Dufferin Street
Toronto, Ontario


We regret that Workman Arts is not a barrier-free location. There are several steps from the street to the front door and interior steps leading to the Main Hall, upstairs, and downstairs. There is ample seating available, and washrooms between Skey Room and the Chapel (main floor) and outside Roseneath (upstairs) are gender-neutral. Workman Arts is a fragrance-free space (please don’t wear perfumes or scented products).



13-27 OCTOBER 2020

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18-20 OCTOBER 2020