Workman Arts is home to many talented and professional actors with a wide range of experience.  We currently have actors available for the following:
Simulated Patient Actors
Workman Arts has a close relationship with Education Services at CAMH and provides actors for role playing situations to aid in clinical training programs. The Simulated Client Program at the Center for Mental Health and Addiction (CAMH) provides a safe learning environment for students, trainees, and health professionals to practice clinical techniques in a simulated setting. CAMH hires professional actors from Workman Arts to act as clients in these simulations. Simulations can be difficult, and Workman Arts actors bring an authenticity to their roles that better prepares mental health professionals for scenarios they will likely experience in clinical practice. Actors are also involved in providing feedback to the clinicians and the educators to shape the training programs. We at Workman Arts commend mental health professional training programs that include the perspectives of those with lived experience.
Workman Arts facilitates professional, income earning opportunities for member artists. In keeping with our core values and mandate, we strive to ensure that our artists are paid professional fees at rates which respect CARFAC, Actor’s Equity and IMAA scales.
For more information on fee structure or to request an actor, please email Sachi Dow.