Bruised years choir


Book Workman Arts’ ever-popular, always-inspiring Bruised Years Choir! Guaranteed to entertain — plus you and your attendees can feel great about supporting artists living with mental health and/or addiction issues.
Photo by Julie Riemersma.
Photo by Julie Riemersma.
Thanks to funding from the Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund, we’re pleased to offer the extraordinary opportunity to book the Bruised Years Choir for your event at a subsidized rate! The funding received from Bell Let’s Talk will cover a portion of performance fees, resulting in a lower booking fee for all bookings received from now until the end of March 2019. Book now to take advantage of this incredible opportunity!
To book today, contact Sachi Dow at or by phone at 416-583-4339, ext. 7. 


“The Bruised Years Choir is not to be missed. The performers’ hearts, talents and experience make all the songs feel utterly new.”
Sarah Stanley, Associate Artistic Director, English Theatre, Ottawa’s National Arts Centre

Workman Arts’ BRUISED YEARS CHOIR was launched in 2015 as a 6-week course, and has since grown to become a season-long initiative with more than 25 engaged Members. The Choir is led by Dora Award winning music/theatre artist Jim LeFrancois (Director, Piano) and musician Rob Joy (Guitar) and is composed of Workman Arts Members. The Choir has a vast repertoire of innovative, re-arranged popular songs, many of which explore themes of madness and hope.

“[T]he most heartfelt choir performance I have ever heard. … Their lived experiences shine through their voices as they sing about loneliness, pain, and community.”
Samantha Summers, Musings
The Bruised Years Choir has performed at many events and venues, such as The Invictus Games, 5th Annual Patrick Conner Awards (Theatre Centre), CAMH’s Phase Three Ground-Breaking Ceremony, the Luminato Festival, the Royal Ontario Museum, and at the opening meeting for Toronto City Council’s 2018-19 session. The Choir can be booked for concerts, benefits and events through Workman Arts’ Musicians for Hire program.
Make a difference! Fees generated from performances go directly into the pockets of our members.
Photo by Julie Riemersma.
Photo by Julie Riemersma.
“Jim LeFrancois and Rob Joy have created a magical project in the Bruised Years Choir. When I saw them perform in September their songs were truly the highlights of the evening. Their commitment and rigour was compounded by their true hearts singing and the whole experience was simply beautiful. I would recommend them anytime and wish them all success.”
Naomi Campbell, Deputy Artistic Director, Luminato Festival
“The Bruised Choir gently opened my heart to understanding in ways I never imagined. I won’t be able to listen to ‘Everybody Hurts’ by REM the same way again.”
Franco Boni, Artistic Director, Toronto’s Theatre Centre
The Bruised Years Choir performs at De Profundis. Photo Sean Patenaude
“I am a CAMH employee and I was present at the groundbreaking event on Monday. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the choir’s performance. Everyone sounded awesome and honestly I was moved to tears. Music is such a powerful way to express and communicate what is inside of us. I hope to see you all perform again soon!”
T. Rodak, CAMH Employee
“In the Bruised Years Choir, members find their voices, sing out with great gusto, have jolly good fun, find love and support for each other. I have heard on several occasions, Choir members say to Jim ‘The Choir saved my life’. I am inspired and moved to tears at every performance. I feel so privileged to be able to share and bask in the Bruised Years Choir’s success, joy, enthusiasm, talent and love.”
Carole Holmes, fan and activist
To inquire about prices and availability, please contact our Membership Assistant.
*Workman Arts facilitates professional, income earning opportunities for member artists. In keeping with our core values and mandate, we strive to ensure that our artists are paid professional fees at rates which respect CARFAC, Actor’s Equity and IMAA scales.