In keeping with its theme, Vincent is an intense play.  A family must deal with a loved one suffering from schizophrenia.  Vincent, the central character, is manageable at times, but as time progresses and the options become few, the mother and brother cannot deal with his erratic and sometimes violent behavior.  They turn to the medical community, the mental health community, and the police.  Each tries to do its best.  Each is limited in what it can do.  In the end, the onus is placed back on the family.  The pressure mounts to the breaking point with every encounter with Vincent; the frustration ends in a decision that is irrevocable and tragic.


“”I believe that the only effective way to touch, reach and
awaken people’s consciousness and spirit is through art.
I believe that Vincent is just that “art for the people.

– Giovanni Corini, Clinician – Mental Health Services Doctors Hospital

Vincent  deals with several issues that the police and families face more and more every day.  When uniformed officers deal with seemingly out-of-control mental health outpatients, why is the first response at times the last response?  What are the consequences for the families of the victim?  What are the effects on the police? In a drama that does not place blame, Vincent explores the complexities of a situation that appears on the front pages of the daily newspapers with an alarming frequency.

Terry Watada – Writer
Ed Roy – Director
Denise Karn – Designer
Tracy Lynne Cann – Stage Manager
Danica Brown – Production Manager

Past Performances:

The International Conference on Forensics in Penetanguishene, Ontario

The Queen Street Mental Health Centre’s Community Advisory Board, Toronto, Ontario
FAME at Toronto City Hall, Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Metropolitan Police at their Headquarters, Toronto, Ontario
Queen Street Mental Health Centre, Toronto, Ontario
Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre at the Joseph Workman Auditorium, Toronto, Ontario
St. Elizabeth Health Care at the Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Ontario
Humber College, Toronto, Ontario
Credit Valley Hospital, Etobicoke, Ontario
Mens Sana in Toronto, Ontario
Reconnect and The Queensway Hospital at the Queensway Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
The Clarke Institute of Psychiatry at the Aldwyn B. Stokes Auditorium, Toronto, Ontario
Distress Centre – Peel Region at the Noel Ryan Auditorium in the Central Library, Mississauga, Ontario
The Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, Selkirk, Brandon and Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Urban Alliance/Race Relations Conference at Toronto’s City Hall, Toronto, Ontario

National Conference of Crisis Workers, Belleville, Ontario

Ottawa’s National Arts Centre for a one week run, Ottawa, Ontario
The Crisis Outreach and Support Team, St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton, Ontario

Building Links for Better Mental Health Conference, Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Toronto, Ontario