Third Eye Looming (a journey into madness and memory) was devised and created through a collective developmental process with the Workman Arts Collective under the direction of Ed Roy. This story of one man’s struggle to confront the onset of mental illness was culled together with the contributions of the collective member artists sharing their personal experiences with mental illness.

Our multidisciplinary production combining theatre, dance, music, and multimedia has been previously presented at the Madness in the Arts Festival; Harrlem Amsterdam and the Tangled Arts Festival; Toronto Ontario. These workshop performances drew enthusiastic responses from the audiences that were enthralled by the hypnotic ensemble work by the performers, imaginative choreographic story telling, stunning video, sound, and costume design elements. Also most importantly the story, performances, design elements, and artistry dispelled any misconceptions audiences had of what people with mental illness were capable of.

Third Eye Looming Company
Producer: Lisa Brown
Devised, Directed and Choreographed by Ed Roy
Video: Andy Morro
Lighting Design and Technical Director: David Sweeney
Sound Design: Lyon Smith
Costume Desgin:  Denis-Huneault-Joffre
Production Stage Manager: Tracy Lynne Cann

Actors:  Victoria Danyluk, Jake Chalmers, Karyn Dwyer, Seralys McArthur, Sheri STRanger, Jaene Castrillon and Danica Brown