photo: Stephanie vanKampen, CBC
photo: Stephanie vanKampen, CBC

Art Cart is a partnership between Workman Arts and Gifts of Light.  We bring established Workman Artists onto CAMH units to provide arts programming with professional-grade materials.  These art workshops connect artists with lived experience of mental health and addictions issues with those currently in recovery through art instruction and artistic expression. We tailor programs and instructors specific to the needs of each unit as they are all very different. This peer-to-peer professional arts program bridges community, expression, and skills development in the cultivation of an arts practice. From week to week, clients are engaged in a process of creation that not only provides recreational richness and quality of life but allows clients to create pieces that are theirs to keep. The entire unit benefits from the personalization and beautification of clinical spaces.

If you are interested in hiring Workman Arts instructors, please contact Sachi Dow at

Recent Art Cart programs include:
Textile Art
Audio Storytelling