ARTS & MINDS Open Call for Proposals

Ani Castillo
Illustrations by Workman Arts member artist Ani Castillo
Illustrations by Workman Arts member artist Ani Castillo


Deadline to Submit: Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Workman Arts is again partnering with Neighbourhood Arts Network to present ARTS AND MINDS: A COMMUNITY ART SERIES.

Community artists in the Victoria Village neighbourhood will again participate in a series of arts workshops creating work addressing health, wellness and identity themes that culminated in a community exhibition event.  It was such a beautiful community partnership that we thought we’d do it again! This time, we’re requesting proposals for a Workman Arts artist interested in being paired with an artist from our partner on this project, Neighbourhood Arts Network, to CO-DESIGN and CO-FACILITATE a series of workshops culminating in a community presentation event.

Project Context
Workman Arts is partnering with Neighbourhood Arts Network with the generous support from BELL to present a two year community arts based project, focused on mental health, wellness and identity in the Victoria Village neighbourhood. In the second year, we will build on the relationships, vision, and passion of the first year, engaging members of the community in art-making workshops. One Workman Arts artist and one Neighbourhood Arts Network artist will be selected to co-design and co-facilitate ten weekly arts workshops that offer space for exploration and dialogue of mental health, wellness, community, and identity. The selected artist team will receive input from a committee of artists and neighbourhood residents (many of whom participated in last year’s workshops) to help finalize workshop design. Artists who are interested should have experience in workshop facilitation and have a loose idea of what would interest them in terms of offering arts programming in the community and collaborating with another artist.  The workshops will take place in August-October and the exhibition will take place in late October.

The facilitator will be paid at a rate of $50 per hour and will be provided with a budget for materials and transportation.

The selected artists will sign a workshop facilitation contract and will be responsible for the following:

  • Artists will collaborate to co-design and co-facilitate ten workshops with input from the community advisory committee and WA and NAN staff
  • Artists will purchase all materials required for workshops (four hours paid time allotted)
  • Artists will coordinate providing food and tokens to participants (with assistance from staff)
  • Artists will supply workshop outline, bio and headshot for publicity
  • Artists will oversee exhibition event with input and support from community advisory committee and WA and NAN staff

Submit your proposal to Workman Arts’ Membership Manager, Justina Zatzman at

Please include the following:

  • CV or review of facilitation or teaching experience;
  • Proposal of idea for community-based arts programming, including any possibilities for exploring/addressing/de-stigmatizing mental health, wellness, community and identity. This should not be a ten week course outline, but rather a broad idea for engaging community in dialogue around the relevant topics through an art-making process. 500 words maximum;
  • What are your thoughts/experiences with collaboration? How might you collaborate with another artist to co-design and co-facilitate these workshops? What is your interest in taking part in a collaborative creation process? 500 words maximum;
  • Short description of idea of a community presentation event (i.e: opening, exhibition, performance, unveiling, celebration etc.) No detailed logistics or commitments required. Just a rough idea of what people might come together to experience as the culmination of the process. 200 words maximum.

Workman Arts staff are here to provide consultation and answer questions to help you prepare your proposal.

Please call to make an appointment with Justina Zatzman at 416-583-4339 ext. 9 or email

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