Art Cart

Art Cart is a partnership between Workman Arts and Gifts of Light, which pairs established Workman Arts member artists with CAMH client services to provide peer-to-peer arts instruction with an emphasis on skill development and creative exploration. These art workshops connect artists with lived experience of mental health and addictions issues with those currently in recovery through structured 10-week workshop series exploring a specific art medium in depth and building a body of work.

Rare Theatre logo

RARE Theatre & Workman Arts: We Are Here

Workman Arts is pleased to announce a partnership with RARE Theatre for the production of We Are Here directed by Judith Thompson and presented at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s new auditorium in spring 2022. We all have a story to tell. Are you ready to tell yours?


Workman Arts Scaling Project

(2015 – 2021)

In early 2015, as part of Workman Arts first Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) grant, Workman Arts implemented a two-year project (Phase 1) to consolidate its body of knowledge and develop a scaling framework that allowed the organization to evolve from a practice-based service provider to an evidence-based leader and change agent.