New! Support for Exhibition & Presentation Norman & Marsha Paul Family Trust Makes Meaningful Investment in Workman Arts Member Artists

Artwork from the Being Scene exhibition, 2018.
Artwork from the Being Scene exhibition, 2018.

Workman Arts is thrilled to announce that the Norman & Marsha Paul Family Trust has made a significant investment in Workman Arts member artists.

The Norman & Marsha Paul Family Trust has made a commitment to provide $60,000 in funding over the next three years to support member artists with costs associated with Workman Arts exhibitions and presentations.

“In the past, member artists have carried the financial burden associated with preparing their work to be exhibited,” says Executive Director Kelly Straughan. “Costs like printing and framing can add up, especially when you’re talking about larger pieces. This fund means that there is never a choice between buying groceries or taking part in an exhibition or presentation. Member artists can dream big with their art knowing the cost of presenting will be supported by this fund. We are so very thrilled to partner with the Norman & Marsha Paul Family Trust on this very worthy initiative”

The impact of this donation on the lives of artists is acutely demonstrated in the words of artist Hanan Hazime: “I can’t always afford costs such as framing, so I have to pass up on opportunities. It’s really disheartening to lose out on those opportunities. This fund will help me create more art without having to worry about financial setbacks; it’s less of a risk to me, so I don’t have to limit myself.”

This fund ensures artists living with mental health and addiction experiences can earn income from their artistic practices. It enables the full participation in Workman Arts presentations and exhibitions.

Workman Arts is extremely grateful for the support of the Norman & Marsha Paul Family Trust and enthusiastic about the additional supports this donation provides for artists.

Under the auspices of this fund, all Workman Arts members will be eligible for support towards exhibition and presentation in Workman Arts events and exhibitions. The fund will be implemented in September 2018, for the Workman Arts 2018-19  programming season. Please stay tuned for details as to how artist members can access funding.