MINDSET 2018 : EXPOSURE Artists Profiles & Galleries

Stephanie Avery

Stephanie Avery is a Toronto-based artist, author, art director and adventurer. She has traveled over four continents documenting sites of beautifully poignant decay and deconstruction. The allure of these sites is how affected they are by exposure over time to the elements, which are instruments of both chaos and serenity, inspiring a sense of awe and release from the often daunting exposure we endure in our own lives.

Stephanie’s work has been exhibited at The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nuit Blanche, the Contact Photography Festival, and Totally Lost; a traveling exhibit of abandoned buildings from Europe’s ex-totalitarian regimes.

Website: StephanieAvery.com
IG: @stephvonawesome
TW: @stephvonawesome

Jaene Castrillon

Jaene Castrillon is an interdisciplinary artist, activist, author & filmmaker who explores her relationship to the world through various spiritual teachings & the wisdom of the land. She describes herself as a settler to Turtle Island of mixed heritages, Hong Kong Chinese & indigenous Colombian who was adopted as an adult, by Elder Isaac Day of Serpent River First Nations. Her spirit name is White Bear Woman of Bear Clan. Having survived abuse, institutionalization, homelessness & sex work Jaene found herself in Isaac’s lodge where she learned to feel again. Since then, her art has become an adventure that celebrates the brilliance & heart-break of living a life less ordinary. She believes art creates an alternative to harmful notions around wellness, illness & worthiness. Jaene uses her art as medicine.

For the Mindset : Exposure exhibition, Jaene is presenting “Nibi” (the Ojibwe word for water). Reflecting on the strength of water, how its flow can shape rocks, “Nibi” was created by exposing 16mm film footage to a process of oil, bleach and toner, them mounted to a plank of cedar and resin-coated. Cedar wood and resin (Kiizhik) is used for medicine, protection, and featured in Ojibwe prayer ceremonies. Nibi is a vital part of its life force, as well as for all living things.

Website : whitebearcreative.com
IG: @whitebearcreative

Katie Cooper

Katie has worked in film/TV and photography for over ten years. Her favourite genre is documentary and she often works as a one-person crew covering everything from camera, sound, lighting and editing. Her short film “easy as pi” was featured on Air Canada in-flight entertainment and her feature documentary “In The Spotlight” played in festivals and is currently on the CBC documentary channel. Her first solo art show “Joshua Tree” , incorporating travel photography, was held at Full of Beans in 2016 thanks to Workman Arts.

For the Mindet : Exposure exhibition Katie has produced a documentary photo essay “Tom’s Tumour” navigating the health care system through her partner’s brain surgery, as well as through her own misgivings, anxieties and uncertainties.

Website: katiecooper.ca
Doc: InTheSpotlightMovie.com
Blog: KatieCooper.ca/spotlight
TW: @KatieCooper_ca
TW: @SpotlightDoc
FB: @SpotlightDoc

India d’Scarlett

India d’Scarlett is a photographic artist from Cairns, Australia who experiments with camera techniques and performative elements in her work to blur the lines between the female body, her environment, and the preconceived notions of her sexuality.

India received a BFA in Photography from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and in 2016, she was the recipient of the Kalman Fietel Photography Award. Her recent work has been exhibited throughout Melbourne, in Canada at The Sussex Contemporary and at the SPAO Centre.

India d’Scarlett’s photography has been featured internationally in art and fashion publications, including, Knots Magazine (2017), Girl Magazine (2017), Nakid Magazine (2016) and Sticks and Stones Agency (2015). She is is currently living and working as an international, Artist in Residence at The School of Photographic Arts Ottawa, Canada.

Website: IndiadScarlett.com
IG: @indiadscarlett
TW: @indiadscarlett

Sylvia Frey

Sylvia Frey is an emerging artist, based in Toronto, who is a multi-disciplinary artist. For the Mindset : Exposure exhibition, she has produced a photo series titled “Obvious Sides”, documenting her bodily scars, to question thoughts about identity, and a duality of feeling and experience about what it means to exist with burden, and perform as though one is not cognizant of how external markings affect one internally.

Sylvia recently presented a collaborative , site-specific performance and installation titled “Impatient : Inpatient” about the irony of the presence of an abandoned patient welcoming centre. Sylvia Frey has had multiple exhibitions and has works in private collections in Frankfurt, Germany, Oakland, California, Waterloo, Ontario, and in Toronto, Canada.


Canadian made, Italian born, Toronto based, Down-Under immersed (in Strine rhyme), took a Workman Arts (WA) course in 2012 that reacquainted her with the arts and evaporated her long-simmering “artist” angst; in 2013 performed stand-up comedy with MDAO (Laughing Like Crazy Joke Book), which quashed her lifelong terror of class presentations; co-facilitated several MDAO groups and Sunnybrook’s pilot project as a peer support worker and topic deviser for people on its psych ward; holds a GBC graphic design diploma; taught and learned from enthusiastic ESLers; favours fugues and cheerless compositions from her RCM years; is gathering her creative nonfiction and poetry for further publication (WA Ledger)

Website: artistgenova.wordpress.com

Amelia Loucareas

Amelia Loucareas is a inter-disciplinary performer, media artist, musician and vocalist who sings with the Bruised Years Choir, who has been a member of Workman Arts for 10 years.

For the Mindset : Exposure exhibition, Amelia documented the recent flooding she suffered in her Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) apartment, which includes the image “Destroyed Elvis” depicting the destruction of her favourite poster of Elvis Presley by an overflow of sewage. Amelia loves Elvis Presley because of his many talents and good looks, and would love to have met him. She feels that if he had lived in her building he would have protected and redeemed the community by his singing, guitar playing and being a mentor to future musicians. Amelia is saddened that he is not physically here and his poster is no longer in her kitchen.

Elaine Lum

Elaine Lum is a mother and self-taught artist who pushes the boundaries of her comfort zones to explore feelings of vulnerability from exposure to unpredictable situations. Although she has no formal training, she has always felt the call to make art. After a long hiatus, she has been reconnecting with the creative part of herself. Through her visual work, she deviates from the safety of a career in IT to take a leap of faith to explore what it means to open doors to strangers, even if just a crack.

For the Mindset : Exposure exhibition, Elaine has created a self-portraiture photo series titled “Hush Little Baby, Don’t Say A Word”, in an attempt to embody feelings of societal imposition, oppression, and self-suppression of honest expression of thoughts, perceptions, opinions and experiences.

Marta McKenzie

Marta McKenzie is a prolific Toronto-based artist, illustrator, photographer, animator, cellist, playwright and published editorialist. She holds a BFA from York University in Printmaking and Art Theory.

Marta refers to her process as an intense and obsessive assault, and her artworks a by-product of trying to resolve internal conflicts and paradoxes. Her photographic series “Evilution” examines double-meanings and sinister undertones revealed in advertising and found texts.

Exhibitions include The Gladstone, Gallery@46, Longboard Living, Artscape Youngplace, Sleeping Giant Gallery, Queen’s Quay Gallery, F13, Starving Artist, Weird Things, The Painted Lady, Hart House, Propeller Gallery and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Festivals include Contact Photography Festival, Zine Dream, Canzine and Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival. Collaborators include Istvan Kantor (Monty Cantsin) and Michael Comeau. Press includes The National Post, Toronto Life, Artoronto, Autmumnplay! Gay and Lesbian Seasonal and HerShe Magazine. Marta is currently represented by The Super Wonder Gallery in Toronto.

Google+: google.com/+MartaMcKenzie
IG: @martamckenzie

Sandy Middleton

Sandy Middleton is a Canadian photo-artist who holds a BA from Ryerson Polytechnic University and Still Photography from George Brown College. Her work is focused on found family images, written histories and personal objects investigating issues of identity, memory, re-inventing memory and archive.

For the Mindset : Exposure exhibition Sandy has produced a triptych titled “Emotional Movement” where she imagines subjects opening up to strangers and bringing those vulnerable feelings to movement.

Sandy Middleton has exhibited widely, including at the MJG Gallery Gallery 44, John B. Aird Gallery, Project Gallery and at Contact Photography Festival. She has received multiple grants and awards for her productions and her work is held in public and private collections.

Website: MiddletonFolio.viewbook.com
IG: @MiddletonPhotographs
TW: @MiddletonPhoto

Brad Necyk

Brad Necyk is a Canadian multi-media artist working in drawing, painting, photography, video, film, sculpture and performance. He is completing an arts-based Ph.D. in Psychiatry and recently completed a residency with AHS Transplant Services as Artist-Researcher on Head & Neck Cancer. Brad also recently held a studio residency at Workman Arts and is currently Visiting Artist-Researcher at CAMH. His work focuses on patient experience, auto-ethnography, psychiatry, pharmaceutics and biopolitics. He has internationally exhibited, delivered academic papers and participated in multiple artists’ residencies. He is a committee member of several professional bodies and is a Scholar at the Integrative Health Institute at the University of Alberta. Currently, Brad teaches several senior level courses in Drawing and Intermedia at the University of Alberta and MacEwan University.

For the Mindset : Exposure exhibition, Brad is presenting work from his large on-going series “Just A Hard Rain“.  The dense digital processing involved in producing this series begins with taking between 30 to 100 film stills, then applying multiple algorithms to manipulate the image data properties to render a singular image. He describes this activity as capturing the fevered movement, refering to how dubious our faculties are as they translate arrays of information.

Website: BradNecyk.com
IG: @bradnecyk
TW: @bradnecyk

Sean Patenaude

Sean Patenaude is a photographer, writer and educator who began working in portrait, event, industrial and site photography in the 1980’s. 

Sean has worked at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) for over three years, and his career has involved listening to first-hand accounts from clients, and analyzing staff incident reports on all aspects of hospital life including medication, restraints, seclusion, assault, and death. He has produced a photo essay documenting patient areas, titled “Care Spaces” taken with a vintage RB67 camera in the former Forensic General Unit at CAMH. Because of strict privacy regulations restricting photo-taking of clients, only the slightest traces of human presence appear.

Sean’s clients include the Bronfman family and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre. He has exhibited at Hart House, Artscape Youngplace, Gladstone Hotel Gallery and at the Contact Photography Festival. His photographs have been published internationally in books, magazines and online. Sean is the current instructor for Arts & Minds Community Arts in partnership with Neighbourhood Arts Network.

Profile : Arts & Minds
IG: @sisforsharp
Flickr: Sean Patenaude

Annette Seip

Annette Seip is a Toronto-based photo and media artist with a master’s in Medical Science. In 2010 she left her career behind as a senior clinical research manager for a large pharmaceutical company, to pursue studies in photography and illustration at Sheridan College.

For the Mindset : Exposure exhibition Annette has produced expertly manipulated photo-based works which are presented as visual allegories for coping and confronting issues of alienation, anxiety, depression, and a  particular depth of loneliness felt when alone, yet surrounded by millions of people in an urban metropolis, separated from family, friends, social circles and supports.

Annette’s work has been widely exhibited in both group and solo shows, and has been published in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and other publications.

Website : NettiePhotography.com

Kat Singer

Kat Singer is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist, activist and educator  who works in photography, street art, fibre art, printmaking, drawing and painting, and touches upon themes such as outsider narratives, intersectionality/complex identities, gender and sexuality, trauma, and mental illness.

Kat’s video titled “Please Be Patient” comments on how the status of individuals literally dissolves to the status of patient when entering the health care system through necessity. The motif of the stark white hospital-issue gown is a uniform of institutional compliance and double imprisonment, through both illness and treatment, by an impersonal and oppressive system.

Kat Singer volunteers with local arts-based initiatives and collaborates with other disabled artists on projects promoting visibility, accessibility and inclusion for chronically ill and disabled individuals.

Feminist Art Collective: Katrissa Singer
Spoonerland: Exhibition by Katrissa Singer
Tumblr: Art By Kat Sin
IG: kre8tiveflow

Brenda Spielmann

Brenda Spielmann was born in São Paulo, Brazil, emigrated to Canada in 1979, where she attended the Still Photography BA program at Ryerson University.

Brenda’s photo essays series “See The Unseen” A Think Again Project challenges society’s concepts of normalcy, explores issues of identity and misconceptions about people with disability. She uses double-exposure by merging two images to create a different narrative; blending portraits of individuals with various disabilities with images of everyday life, street scenes, and landscapes. Creating image complexities forces viewers to take more time to look more carefully, and in effect desensitizes the eye to illusions of anomaly. 

Brenda is a freelance photographer who has worked for various publications in Miami and Toronto. In 2007 she designed, implemented and taught “Light Writers”, a digital photography program, to children and youth of all abilities at Public Schools, H.B.K.R. Hospital and ErinOakKids. Brenda is the recipient of the Ontario and Toronto Arts Council grants and has had multiple group and solo exhibitions.

Website: BrendaSpielmann.com
IG: @brendaspielmann
TW: @brendaspielmann

Jan Swinburne

Jan Swinburne is an alumnus of Dawson College and the Ontario College of Art & Design. Her interdisciplinary practice involves traditional and digital media, including large-scale, site-sensitive installations. In collaboration with musician-composers she produces original soundtracks with visualizations oriented to meta-exposure and image degeneration.

The “Marks Of Sin” series was produced in response to footage from Wikileaks “Under Tree” which captured targeted strikes on individuals seeking a tree as cover. In an attempt to re-humanize this disturbing event, and represent it as a requiem for the sorry state of our world, the sheltering tree is held up as a universal symbol of hope, particularly in the face of a horrific war crime.

Swinburne’s videos have been screened in Brooklyn, NYC at Experi-MENTAL Festival 6, New Jersey Filmideo Index Art Centre and Vector Festival Toronto. In 2015 she signed with Alrealon Musique. Jan Swinburne’s work has been exhibited internationally and her work resides in various private and public collections, such as CAMH.

Website : JanSwinburne.com
Label: alrealon.com/janswinburne
TW: @janswinburne
TW: @SwinburnePlex
Vimeo: Jan Swinburne