Art Sales and Rental Participation

Workman Arts selects and administers artwork to be sold and rented by individuals and businesses in the community and at CAMH. Original artworks created by Workman Artists will be displayed with proper signage and credits. Proceeds for sales or rentals are given to artist(s) and an additional admin fee is added to cover administration costs.

In 2019, the Art Sales & Rental program was streamlined to manage artworks which maintain a highly active level of placement and circulation.

Preference is for artworks which fit the following criteria:

  • Size range of 18 x 24” to 30 x 40”
  • Horizontal preferred to vertical orientation.
  • Paintings on canvas preferred to works on paper.
  • Paper or panel artworks must be professionally framed.
  • Valued up to $2000, with a monthly rental value starting at $15.

Artwork accepted into the Arts Rental Program will be promoted on the Workman Arts online store.

Only selected artists will be contacted.

Please advise us of any accommodations required to ensure you can access and complete the submission process.

Office Installation of Jace Traz’s “Please Enter Your Pinball” (2018)

Submission Guidelines

Please send the following at any time throughout the year :

  • Artist statement about the work being submitted
  • Brief artist bio
  • A maximum of 12 jpeg image files (highest resolution)
  • Image descriptions in file names: Image number, Artists Surname, Title, Year, Media Dimensions (LxW), Edition (if applicable)
  • Corresponding numbered description price list
  • All text documents to be submitted in MS Word or Adobe PDF
  • Include contact info & web links (if applicable) on all documents
  • Please have “Submission for Art Rental” in the subject line of the email

All text & image files must be batched and sent as a shared folder by transfer service, i.e. WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

To Apply Contact:
Paulina Wiszowata
Visual Arts Coordinator
416-583-4339, Ext.6