Interim Executive Artistic Director

Scott Miller Berry oversees:

  • Questions regarding general administration
  • Payments
  • Human Resources
  • Facilities
  • General Operations
  • Point person for RMW (Rendezvous With Madness) films

Fun Facts: 

  • Scott is a Filmmaker!
  • Favorite Films: “Days” by Tsai Ming-Liang, “Meaning of Empathy” by Ellie-Máija Tailfeathers, “Life on Earth” by the group Hurray For The Riff Raff.
  • Loves to cook, take photos, plays with his pet cat Bram.
  • He loves the sense of mutual aide and support from the members, staff, instructors and community orbiting at Workman Arts

TRAM NGHIEM (they/she)

Interim Managing Director

Fun facts coming soon!

HANAN HAZIME (she/her)

Education Manager

Fun facts coming soon!

A black & white photo of Raine Laurent-Eugène


Membership & Hospital Programs Manager

Raine Laurent-Eugène oversees:

  • Questions and concerns related to membership
  • Art Cart
  • MAC (Members Advisory Committee)
  • DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) Committee
  • Accessibility

Fun Facts:

  • Her first concert was Sharon, Lois and Bram.
  • Her soulmate is a dog named Theodore a.k.a Teddy Bear. He can literally read her mind.
  • When Raine was about 6 years old, she had her theatre debut as the palm tree in her school’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. She was the only actor in every scene, and legend has it that there still is video footage of Raine in her starring role, clearly unamused and on the brink of an existential crisis.
  • Her hidden talent is that she can achieve REM sleep anywhere and at any time, regardless of external distractions.
  • Her favourite part about working at Workman Arts is connecting with Member Artists, learning about their artistry and helping them as they go through their artistic journey.
Kais Padamshi


Communications and Development Manager

Kais Padamshi oversees:

  • Workman Arts general communications (website and social media)
  • Being Scene communications
  • RWM communications
  • Mentorship program

Fun Facts:

  • Kais is a poet and playwright
  • Avid National Geographic lover
  • Loves long walks and camping
  • Email him for nature, history, or migration documentary films and series
  • His favorite thing about Workman Arts is getting to collaborate with Workman Arts members within programming, panels and events!
A black & white photo of Jules Vodarek Hunter.


Art Training Program Manager

Jules Vodarek Hunter oversees:

  • Workman Arts’ Satellite courses with LASO (Local Art Service Organizations) which includes Scarborough Arts, Arts Etobicoke, Lakeshore Arts, Urban Arts, East End Arts and North York Arts
  • Manges iPad Loans,
  • Member Facebook page and member newsletter.

Fun Facts: 

  • Leo sun, Taurus moon, Scorpio rising
  • Runs a program called Fat Fables for Fat Queer Youth
  • Writer of short stories, poetry and sometimes plays
  • Ask me about which cult docuseries I am watching
  • My favourite thing about WA is being able to show up authentically as me and meet all the amazing artists part of this community.

JOSH VETTIVELU (they/them)

Visual Arts Manager

Josh Vettivelu oversees:

  • Visual arts-related inquiries for RWM (Rendezvous with Madness) and Being Scene
  • Art Sales and Rental program
  • Office and member visual art studio related questions
  • Art supplies at Workman Arts

Fun facts coming soon!

AZUL BAEZ (she/her)

Administrative and Programs Assistant

Azul Baez oversees:

  • Assists the Membership, Public Programming (Career Consultations) and Education programs and departments
  • On-site Front Desk (general inquiries)
  • Virtual Front Desk (general inquiries)
  • Peer Support.

Fun Facts: 

  • Enjoys reading about art theory and especially philosophy. Azul loves novels when feeling down.
  • The type of person that gets so into the drama that she talks and moves like the leads for a few hours after.
  • Her favorite thing about Workman Arts is the unique focus of this organization, the alliance between the MAD movement and the artistic practice is tremendous! WA is mainly its members, from who she has learned that art is an individual effort from common good.

DAVID SWEENEY,  Technical Director



  • Her Excellency, Sharon Johnston
  • C.C. Dr. Barbara Dorian & Dr. Paul Garfinkel


  • Mark Goldbloom, Chair
  • Norma Mendoza, Vice Chair
  • Hardish Dhaliwal, Treasurer
  • Seerat Siddique, Secretary
  • Krista Chaytor
  • Mark Jordan
  • Karim Kanji
  • Fanny Martin
  • Donna Slaight
  • Lori Spadorcia


  • Lisa Brown
  • Tony DiGioia
  • Julio Estany
  • Shelagh Hewitt-Kareda
  • Roger Louiseize
  • Dianne Macfarlane
  • Leslie Nanos
  • Ann Waterworth
  • Janice Wicke


  • Althea Knight
  • Anja Sagan
  • Anna Camilleri Red
  • Apanaki Temitayo
  • Paula John
  • Hanan Hazime
  • James Buffin
  • Rick Miller
  • Lorene Stanwick
  • Susana Meza
  • Meek Adrik
  • Claudette Abrams