Jaene Castrillon

If you are an artist who has received services for mental health issues and you’re interested in our programs, consider applying for membership. We are always interested in hearing from artists and adding new perspectives and talents to the Workman Arts community. We do not require formal referrals. Artists are encouraged to contact us directly.


Onboarding processes are ongoing, and involve an initial review of an artist’s current work and goals, followed by an orientation interview. Orientation interviews are conducted throughout the year as capacity allows. The onboarding process from the time an artist first gets in touch with us and the time we conduct an orientation interview and confirm membership takes on average 4-6 weeks. For further information about membership please contact our Membership Manager: Justina Zatzman at 416-583-4339 ex 9.

UPDATE – FEBRUARY 2019: We’ve welcomed an exceptionally high number of new artists to the Workman Arts community in 2018 and are currently at our full capacity. As a result, we will not be accepting new members to the organization for the time being. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to serve as many artists as we can through our programming. Please check back in a few months and follow us on social media, where we will announce when we’re ready to accept new members.
Ani Castillo


What is the cost of membership?
Membership is free to all eligible artists.

Do I have to have received services from CAMH to be eligible?
No. You are eligible for membership if you have received services from ANY mental health or addictions program.

How much do courses cost?
Courses are free to all member artists. Artists are expected to supply materials unless otherwise specified.

Do I need a referral from a Doctor to prove my eligibility?

Is there a waiting list?
We have recently reviewed and expedited our onboarding process. However, due to a high demand for our programs, there may at times be a wait list, and artists could wait 2-4 months before having an orientation interview scheduled. Feel free to contact us for information on the current availability of membership.

Can Workman Arts give me a solo exhibition?
Workman Arts sends out calls for submissions throughout the year to its membership for group and solo exhibition opportunities. Participants are selected through a formal jury process.