Kathryn Cooper


Kathryn Cooper (KC) was nominated by Anna C. Goldberg who spoke highly of how she is “a very gifted photographer and improviser” and how “she is a great asset to Workman Arts and she contributes on a regular basis to Workman Arts”.

KC will use the Scholarship to further hone and develop her skills as a photographer and actor and looks forward to sharing what she learns with the Workman community.

Congratulations KC!


The annual George Hardy Scholarship provides one Workman Arts member with tuition money (up to $1000 per year) to attend additional artistic training outside of Workman Arts training courses. https://workmanarts.com/opportunities/george-hardy-scholarship/

To be eligible, the Workman Arts member must be nominated by a Workman Arts member, staff member or instructor as someone who greatly contributes to the Workman Arts community at large and who would like to expand their artistic training.

George Hardy was a member of Workman Arts from 2008-2016. He was an improviser, photographer, musician, ‘techie’ and an enthusiastic member of the Workman Arts community as well as a cherished employee.

This scholarship was established in honour of George through the generous contributions from George’s son Trystan Hardy and George’s sister Lynn Hardy.

If you would like to contribute to the George Hardy Scholarship fund, please visit: https://workmanarts.com/get-involved/become-a-sponsor/donate/