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Gifts of Light in partnership with Workman Arts Presents:

The Art Cart 3D Exhibition and Art Sales

To celebrate the end of the Fall 2021 Art Cart Season, the Art Cart artists will be selling their artwork through a 3D Exhibition from December 17th to January 17th.

All sales go directly to the artist.

Please note that Workman Arts is closed from December 17th to January 4th for the holidays, so all purchases made during this time will have to be picked up after January 4th, by appointment only. If you require delivery, email  Membership and Hospital Programs Manager Raine Laurent Eugène at



Art Cart is a partnership between Workman Arts and Gifts of Light which pairs established Workman Arts member artists with CAMH client services to provide peer-to-peer arts instruction with an emphasis on skill development and creative exploration. These art workshops connect artists with lived experience of mental health and addictions issues with those currently in recovery through structured 10-week workshop series exploring a specific art medium in depth and building a body of work.


John Moore, Boldness- Paint by my colour series, 2021

John - Boldness

Asmin, Nico, 2021

Asmin - Nico

Asmin, Painting of Love, 2021

Asmin - Painting of Love

Jude, It's Complicated, 2021

Jude - It's Complicated

CABently, Tree of Life, 2021

C A Bentley - Tree of Life

David Macdonald, Fresh- Paint by my colour series, 2021

David - Fresh

David MacDonald, Imitation Cat, 2021

David - Imitation Cat

Jude, Stormy Seas, 2021

Jude - Stormy Seas

I Langford the Third, Life, 2021

I Langford the Third - Life

I Langford the Third, The Second Coming of Christ, 2021

I Langford the Third - Second Coming

Jacky, Emotions, 2021

Jacky - Emotions

Kef, Garden Toronto Me, 2021

Kef - Garden Toronto Me

Jacky, Winter Red, 2021

Jacky - Winter Red

John Moore, Merry & Bright- Paint by my colour series, 2021

John - Merry & Bright

Joan Soloman, It's Complicated, 2021

J Solomon - It's Complicated

Kef, Naked or Nude, 2021

Kef - Naked or Nude

Maureen, Goose, 2021

Moe - Goose

Maureen, Starts and Moons, 2021

Moe - Stars & Moons

Peggy Wilkinson, Angry Bird, 2021

P Wilkinson - Angry Bird

PWilkinson, It's Complicated, 2021

P Wilkinson - It's Complicated

PWilkinson, Fruit, 2021

P Wilkinson - Fruit

Ronald Brooker, Spring, 2021

Ron - Spring

Rosy, A Canadian Autumn Day, 2021

Rosy - A Canadian Autumn Day

Rosy, Red Sunset, 2021

Rosy - Red Sunset

Unknown, Unknown, 2021


Unknown, unknown, 2021


Urshou, Hope, 2021

Urshou - Hope

Urshou, Mirage, 2021

Urshou - Mirage

Ying, 睇吓你個貓樣! "Look at your cat face!", 2021

Ying - 睇吓你個貓樣! ``Look at your cat face!``

Ying, Hope- Paint by my colour series, 2021

Ying - Hope