18x34 in

$300.00 | $15/month


Susan Spagnuolo

Susan Spagnuolo is a Toronto-based mixed media artist and stylist. Susan enjoys photography, painting, recycling, and combining mixed media with textiles. Susan has exhibited and sold photographic i... mages and paintings to private collectors, friends, and family throughout Canada. She continues to promote unique wearable art through Suits Me Fine, the annual Fashion show at CAMH. Susan has a passion for recreating and sending messages within each medium. Her concern for a sustainable earth is inspired by nature and the planets. Susan has noticed that in 2021, many images show birds, an indication that these animals are getting closer to people as the world continues to change.


Susan Spagnuolo’s painting Interlude is inspired from a memory with the artist’s father. They sat by the lake and watched geese flying all in a row. The geese flew back and forth many times in such straight formation. While painting the landscape, Susan thought of her father’s hometown of Cross Point, Quebec. To Susan, there was such a beautiful calmness being near the water, and watching the birds was an exquisite moment. Though her father is no longer physically here, the memory has stayed in her mind and heart.

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