9x12 in

$60.00 (original NFS, prints only)


Marcia Hon

The first drawing Marcia Hon ever did was of a dinosaur in Grade 2. Foreign to the English language, when her friends asked if she ``drew or traced``, she said, ``traced.`` When she got home, she as... ked her mom what that meant. The next day, she told her teacher that she ``drew`` the dinosaur, not ``traced`` it. Marcia got a sticker. Since then, she has always liked art.

Workman Arts has given Marcia the opportunity to learn new mediums and explore new concepts, as well as the opportunity to showcase her work. Marcia hopes to someday be recognized for her art.


Marcia Hon’s painting “Caipirinha” is an homage to the popular Brazilian drink with the same name. Caipirinha is a combination of Cachaça (Sugar alcohol), sugar, and lime which Marcia describes to be “absolutely delicious.” Marcia’s painting is also a celebration of her Brazilian heritage, and through the depiction of this iconic Brazilian tradition, the artist shares with her views the wonder and beauty of Brazil.