8x10in, 10.5x12.25in framed, ed. 2

$120.00 | $15/month


Dorothy Ogda Laxton

Mother Nature is Dorothy Ogda Laxton’s muse and Human Nature is her master. Dorothy sees herself more as a conduit or translator of creative force, rather than a creator. A tool of the Universe. S... he communicates the messages she receives in whatever form the UNIVERSE deems fit. She is a storyteller unbound by any one particular mode of expression, spontaneously capturing the beauty and truths unveiled in her view, and seeking to share these visions with the world.

As a photo-artist, Dorothy strives to not impose her own, but to enhance and reveal the visions she is presented with. She has a particular interest in bringing appreciation back to the beauty and value in things that have been deemed as bad or wrong, or otherwise judged too harshly. She does this to find and illustrate the positive purpose in all things and experiences. In this increasingly isolating and unnatural world, her hope is to move others to reconnect with themselves, each other, and their context. Her greatest goal is to be a channel through which good, orderly direction flows.

“Spirit is everywhere. The more I open myself to it, the more spirits appear to me. While on a wondrous wander, this magical man and his faerie friend drew me in so I could draw them out.” ~dol

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