12x12 in

$120.00 | $15/month


Danica Rasovic

Danica Rasovic earned an Honours B.A. as a history specialist, but her love for art never wavered. Currently, she is a new Workman Arts’ member and has accessed CAMH services this year. Her art sh... owcases her emotional experiences throughout her mental journey. Before, during and after her breakdown, her art was there to ground me.


Artist Danica Rasovic merges paint and sculpture using mostly salvaged wood and art supplies. Most pieces have two perspectives for the viewer to consider and/ or interact with, showing that there are just as many options as points of view when interpreting moments or feelings in time. This is the artistic journey that Rasovic goes  through in her mind — fleeting feelings caught in a web of time.

These artworks are also available to Rent. Please contact Paulina Wiszowata to learn more or read the Art Sales & Rental About page for further details.