24x36 cm



ArtDog Studio

“The provocation of line and colour is the subsequent value of the artist and the art.”

ArtDog Studio‘s cartoon and illustration design express the harmonizing line with the intensity o... f color. The love of lines, textures, shapes, design, simplicity, and the elements of humor, and seriousness unify the complex playfulness and personality in the final creation of an idea.

Artists such as Peter Max, John Wesley, Alexander Caldwell, Gustave Klimt, and Egan Schiele employ whimsical patterns in their lines and color that generate emotional and poetic expressions. These artists contradict each other, and yet they convene the narration of their respective work to their audience.

The theoretical goal of line and color is to create a simple image in equal balance; to catch the feeling of the rhythm and the lyrical aspects of the model or character created when the pencil and the pen touch the paper. Egon Schiele’s drawings are an example of this kind of intensity within his own style. The aforementioned artists have influenced ArtDog Studio’s own direction to freelance and pursue a unique style of drawing, animation, illustration, painting, cartooning in linear observation, and unmanliness of colour.

ArtDog Studio’s art illustrates the emotional, spiritual, and individual journey. The journey can be about vulnerability, fear, confusion, anger, denial, and acceptance. The manipulation of the image is to demonstrate the different levels of complexities of human behavior. They also provide the narration of the character. Many of these characters are created conceptually in their private world with social themes. They are trauma, happiness, depression, and struggle in emotional poignancy. These themes ask, “Who is this person? What is he or she feeling?” All of these elements are used to get an emotional reaction from the audience, while the artist’s thoughts silently remain in the work. The result is the contradiction between the artist’s thoughts hidden in the work and how she is actually feeling. This result helps solicit cultural commentary. In fact, this is the interesting ideal in which the artist presents what she is feeling rather than simply providing commentary as she continues her pursuit of art as a form of self-expression.

ArtDog Studio is a freelance multimedia artist. Her cartoons and illustrations have been published in local and international magazines, and shown in various galleries in Toronto. Her art has been involved in community work from murals, mosaic work, and peer support, and teaching art therapy for children and seniors. As a member of Workman Arts, she hopes to use her art as a vehicle to explore the issues of women and mental health.

ArtDog Studio lives in Toronto. She has an Associate of the Ontario College of Art & Design diploma in multidisciplinary studies from OCAD and a postgraduate degree in Advanced Film and Television from Sheridan College.